Do You Want to Be a Good or Great Blogger?

You and I have one life to live. Do you want to be good or great during this lifetime? Especially when you’re thinking about your blogging career.

Everybody can live however they want to live. It is your choice. But when you think about it, why not be a great blogger? Why not give 100%? Being great involves a full commitment to blogging. This is no joke. You need to be all in. But the upside is you live your dreams. Plus you inspire other people to live their dreams. Everybody wins. But you need to put in a full commitment to blogging in order to be a great blogger. What is the difference between a good and great blogger? Good bloggers do okay. Good bloggers put forth a solid effort. Nothing wrong with that. 

Do You Want to Be a Good or Great Blogger

But great bloggers go above and beyond. These folks visualize their dreams then get busy generously helping people for many hours daily. Great bloggers blog the right way for thousands of hours. But since they blog mainly for fun, the time flies by. Great bloggers also delve into their fears regularly. This quality is rare. Few bloggers want to be uncomfortable. But the great ones put in the time, people and nudge into their fears routinely.

   Do you plan to be around for the next 5 to 10 years of your life? Why not go for it all? Live your dreams. Put forth a 100% effort toward being a great blogger. Visualize yourself living in tropical paradises if that works for you. I enjoy seeing myself on the beaches of Bali. I have lived there on and off for over a year, in the past. But I plan to travel there again. Visualizing myself living my dreams energizes me to be calm, confident, and knowing that my dream is coming true. Plus I blog to be great. Seeing your dream helps you understand that it is coming true. Now you can relax and be the blogger in the dream, aiming to be a great blogger.

 Walking to be great is not about working hard or working long. Blogging to be great is about generously serving for a sustained amount of time. Sure you have to put in the time. Of course, you have to generously help people. But because you blog mainly for fun, the time flies by. Weeks become a blur. Even months seem to feel like days. Everything unfolds because you blog mainly for the fun of blogging, generously helping yourself as well as generously helping other people.

Being great means getting clear on receiving money. Promote yourself freely to be generous with yourself. Great bloggers get comfortable with receiving money because these pros promote themselves like they breathe. Be like them. Never be shy. See yourself as offering valued premium products and services. Promote the services. Put out good content for free then publish helpful products for pay. Ditto for your services. Never be shy because being shy is holding back. Hold back, and success will be held back from you.

 Edge outside of your comfort zone. Success finds you halfway. To be great, nudge forward while success meets you. Don’t sprint wildly but in the same regard don’t sit around lazily. Great bloggers leave their comfort zone so their blogging success can meet them halfway. Never take your foot off of the pedal. Sure you will take blogging brakes. But the best bloggers slowly but steadily move forward every single day a little bit at a time. No need to push yourself. Never blog like a hard charger. Take your time. But keep edging, nudging, and inching forward. This is one secret to outlasting everybody. This is one secret to be great.

No need to strive to be a great blogger but you do need to put in the time every single day for years of your life. I know you’re up to it. Blog mainly for fun. Develop a sense of knowing and trust yourself. The more you know success is yours, the more calmly and persistently and patiently you blog. The recipe is simple. Give freely, trust in the process, trust in yourself and when you monetize your blog effectively you will receive easily over the long-term. 

Being great means trusting yourself too. Publish content, promote it a little bit but then trust in yourself in your content enough to let it do what good content does; expand freely, by promoting itself, based on its value. Allow your content to grow organically. I have never come across a great blogger who obsesses about marketing their content. Top professionals do some marketing but trust their content to grow by itself, too. Let the content grow organically by its own merit. Allow the value to influence people to promote the content. This is one key element to becoming great. Master the concept of surrender.  Do the work, then allow your work to promote itself as you enjoy life offline.


Be 100% committed to blogging.  This is the level of commitment you need to maintain in order to be great at this gig. Anyone can be good but only a few choose to be great. You decide. But if you plan to be around for a while, you may as well go for the great to live your dreams and to inspire people to be their best.


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