3 Tips for Bigger Blogging Income

Making more money through your blog frees you from financial constraints. Imagine the feeling of freedom. How about circling the globe as a professional blogger? Does that sound fun, freeing and relaxing? To most bloggers, visualizing your freeing, dream life involves working from home full time and perhaps traveling a bit, too. But being the blogger who lives that life needs to happen, now, for that dream life to manifest.

3 Tips for Bigger Blogging Income

Making a bigger blogging income involves choosing to blog differently than bloggers who make a smaller blogging income. Again guys; visualize the idea of living your dreams. Hands down, all bloggers who go pro think big in terms of blogging and money because no one lives their dreams by thinking small in terms of blogging income. 

Follow these 3 tips for bigger blogging income.

1: Do Big Business

Charge premium rates for your services. Charge premium prices for your products. Do big blogging business to make more money through your blog. Steer clear of low-money websites promising work for a pittance. Think big. Publish helpful content on your blog. Bond with professional bloggers. Move higher in blogging circles. Make more money through your blog. Do big business by having posture in terms of your services. Set a high price bar. Ignore people who barter to get a lower price to rise above small blogging potatoes.

Again guys, paying close attention to professional bloggers indicates how to behave if you want to do big blogging business. Observe professionals. Note how successful bloggers charge healthy rates and prices. Also watch how top pros simply release or ignore anyone who attempts to barter or drive a bargain for lower prices. Release fear. Release the lower energies. Continue to hold your dream-vision to develop a calm, confident vibe about doing big blogging business.

2: Promote Yourself Like You Breathe

I often like to say that I promote myself like I breathe. I add links to at least one of my ebooks through all blog posts and guest posts I publish. Well, virtually all guest posts. But anyway, promote yourself as frequently and effortlessly as you breathe. Get comfortable promoting your products and services. Gaining clarity in self-promoting helps you to make more money through your blog. Money is ultimately a clarity game. Bloggers who feel comfortable and clear with receiving money simply make more money through their blogs. All other bloggers struggle to earn coin.  Promoting yourself frequently just gives you confidence in so doing. This is a quick way to knife through fears about yourself, your blog and the worth of your products and services.

 Don’t be shy guys. Be clear. Do not hold back. Promote yourself freely because we want what you have to offer. But you need to do it. Edge through those uncomfortable, scary emotions triggered when you start promoting yourself freely. The bigger money flows to bloggers who self-promote effortlessly. Pay attention to these pros. Do you note how they have no discomfort with promoting themselves, their products and their services through every blog post or guest post? Follow their lead.

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3: Help More People for Free

 I recently dove back into Quora. Right now, I’m sitting at 500000 + views on my answers. Fun times. But I began answering questions on Quora again because I felt a nudge to help more people for free. What better site to help more people for free then the Big Q, right? Help more people for free to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure and rock solid credibility make more money online.  This is a simple truth every established pro shares with you freely. Does business seem slow? Help more people for free. Publish more content across different channels. Promote fellow bloggers to build friendships. Get lost in being generous. Lengthen your blog posts a little bit like I did recently.

 Listen to those intuitive nudges edging you toward greater blogging income. Sure it feels uncomfortable to make these changes. Welcome to the world of being a professional blogger. We all need to do uncomfortable, but fun and freeing things to earn a professional, full-time income online. Do it. Get lost in the process of helping people for free. Over time, note your blogging and traffic income increase. Everything happened because you decided to not hold back anymore. Choose to help more people for free to earn a bigger blogging income.

Note;  open income streams too, of course. Help people for free but also establish premium help channels, otherwise known as blogging products and services. You may as well profit based on the help you offer if you plan to live a worldly life. 


Remember why you blog. I keep visiting this concept again and again because feeling fun, freedom and peace now gives you the right vibe to follow the tips for bigger blogging income. Instead of racing ahead in fear, because you blog in survival mode, allow your vision to energize you properly to do the right things to make more money through your blog.

Do big business. Promote yourself like you breathe. Help more people for free. Doing big business allows you to earn more money through each interaction and through your generous self-promotion. Which brings us right into promoting yourself like you breathe. Getting lost in helping people for free helps you get clear on receiving more money by increasing your skills, exposure and credibility. All are critical factors to profiting online.

 Remember that bigger blogging income arrives as your generosity with self and others expands. Keep giving freely. Your increased blogging income is on the way guys.