Taking A Glimpse AT Events and Experimental POST-COVID-19

The lockdowns imposed across various cities and countries have resulted in a significant downfall in business. Most businesses are facing the prospect of a bleak future in view of the ongoing lockdown. The events industry is amongst the worst hit given the fact that large gatherings of people are likely to remain banned in most cities for a long time. There is still hope that things will start looking good once the lockdown is lifted and some level of normalcy is restored. However, it is important for professionals working in the events industry to acknowledge the fact that event organization and management post lockdown will never be the same.


Changes To Be Expected In Event Organization

As mentioned before, it might not be possible for a large number of people to assemble in one place for several months in the future. This can prove to be a major cause of concern for the event organizer as it would mean a sharp decline in the demand for their services. However, while the prospects of earning by creating and managing events in the physical world diminish, the demand for such services in the virtual world is expected to increase exponentially. This trend is already becoming popular even as the lockdown is still in force, with a sudden spurt in different types of online events.

A Brief Overview Of Online Events

Organizing events online is all about making it possible for a small or large group of people to get together virtually to share experiences, exchange information, and discuss concepts. Unlike the events organized in the real world, where the attendees need to be physically present at the venue, the participants of online events mark their presence digitally. Setting up such virtual meets is often considered to be relatively complex since the organizers need to ensure that the participants have access to the appropriate digital infrastructure and technology tools. However, online events also offer multiple advantages as compared to physical events, which make them a preferred option, especially in the current times of crisis.

Benefits Of Digitization Of  Events

It would be wrong to state that every event to be organized once the lockdown has been lifted will take place in the virtual space. However, there is little doubt that the use of digital technology in the creation and management of events will surpass all expectations. This is likely to be the case- for events organized in both the physical world and the virtual world. The primary reasons behind such large scale digitization of the events industry are discussed in brief as follows.

Ensuring The Safety Of Organizers And Attendees

One of the biggest concerns of event organizers after the lockdown is lifted would be to ensure the safety of event attendees as well as their own. In this respect, using digital technology for managing various aspects of the event can prove to be the best bet. From making prospective attendees aware of the upcoming event to ensuring timely registration and sale of tickets and even the marketing and promotion of the same, all these tasks can be carried out virtually. This will help in enhancing the safety and well-being of the attendees as well as organizers by enabling them to maintain social distancing norms.

Minimize The Need Of Travel For Participants

Organizing completely or even partially virtual events will minimize the need for participants to travel over long distances to take part in the proceedings. In addition to helping them save valuable time and money, such virtual connectivity will also minimize their risk of exposure to getting infected. They can thus attend the meet from a remote location in a completely safe and stress-free manner. Whether it is the meeting of the business stakeholders or webinars about the latest developments in online marketing, organizers can make it possible for participants from across the globe to be a part of the event without them ever leaving their comfort zone.

Reduce Wastage And Increase Sustainability

The biggest benefit of digitization of events will be in the form of a significant reduction in wastage and an improvement in sustainability. As the organizers offer the facility of e-ticketing, it will help in saving tones of paper that would be used for printing paper tickets. Similarly, with the people attending the events virtually, the amount of food wastage and garbage generation will also decline by a significant margin. Even if the organizers plan hybrid events, where smaller and localized events will be streamed to a larger audience through digital technology, the waste produced will be considerably lesser. This can go a long way in reducing the carbon footprint of the event organizers and ensuring better sustainability for the planet.

The fact that the current crisis will cause a major change in the manner in which events are organized and managed, can no longer be denied. Hence, it is the right time for professionals working in the field to adopt digital technologies extensively to ensure their future survival.