How to Write More Blog Posts

Simple, eh?

Do you want to boost blog post frequency? Write more posts.

Easier said than done, no? I wished to be prolific moons ago but never got around to boosting blog post frequency. These days, I write how I breathe. Most days at least. Some days I flag but rare indeed are these days. Before we dive in I want to stress; blogging is between the ears. All success, failure and everything in between depends on your mindset. Remember that because boosting post frequency forces you to face blogging fears. Pay your fear tuition to better wade the minefield of blogging limiting beliefs.

How to Write More Blog Posts

Decide and Hold the Intent

Decide to write more posts and hold the intent through thick and thin. Imagine you publish weekly. But a nudge goads you to publish every other day. Hold the every other day posting schedule intent because your fear-ego will try like heck to sprint back to your weekly posting comfort zone, digging in, fighting tooth and nail to cling to comfort. Make a choice. Hold the choice no matter what. All blogging change begins with a change in intent. Time to be prolific.

Practice Writing Offline

I know a few bloggers who desire to boost post frequency but ideas seem to evade these folks. Not true. Writing block ain’t a thing because it is fear and fear is illusion. Bloggers who lack writing skills – because said bloggers do not write 500-1000 words daily offline – soon learn how practice allows you to write posts frequently, while ignoring writing practice makes it tough to write and publish posts regularly. Write, write and write some more to allow words to flow. Prime and tune your #1 blogging skill; writing. Publish frequently.


I care less if you travel to the fridge or Fiji; get up and move to boost post frequency. I even wrote an eBook discussing how traveling boosts your blogging success; buy it here to get into the proper frame of mind for raising your vibe and boosting blog post frequency. I personally enjoy circling the globe but in the same breath, a trip to a new home office somewhere in the house opens my eyes, expands my awareness, and allows in more blog post ideas, for me to ramp up my publishing schedule. Just travel by getting off your rump, and change the scenery. Be super prolific by being on the move.

Expect to Be Uncomfortable

My neck kills me right now. But I write, because I know sticking to a prolific guest posting sked means suffering through some discomfort. Everything on the leading edge of your blogging success tends to unearth a wee bit of suffering; if not, you and I would be billionaire bloggers. Heck; even as billionaires, we would still need to leave our comfort zones. Seems to be the way of human life, right? Nobody has all the answers of infinite success. Anyway, just be at peace with facing fears, resistance and some discomfort at times. Nobody publishes posts like a robot because we are humans, with emotions. Rest assured, that prolific blogger you admire has been facing fears and discomfort for a minute to develop the skills for being super prolific. Own that things get bumpy, but your prolific nature, service, success and increased blog posting schedule is well worth a few rough moments.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Writing consistently is one of the biggest challenge for any blogger. Doesn’t matter what the frequency is, one needs to be really consistent. No doubt, better frequency the better it is.

    Though, I am not able to publish a blog post every day or on alternate days. But, I write, either it could be guest posts, writing in forums, Quora is the favourite.

    Cool tips Ryan and Vishwajeet!

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