1 Important Step to Move Higher in Blogging Circles

Believing deeply in yourself and your blog allows you to move higher in blogging circles. Not believing deeply in yourself and your blog prevents you from moving higher in blogging circles. No one succeeds by doubting themselves. Pay close attention to how I blog; do I seem like I doubt myself? Do I question myself? Do I second-guess myself? Do I seem like I feel not deserving of success? Do I write with authority? Do I promote myself as if I breathe? Being as though you have seen me behave in a confident fashion, I believe deeply in self and in my blog.

1 Important Step to Move Higher in Blogging Circles

But other bloggers doubt. Some doubt themselves and their blogs deeply. Some fear they write thin content. Some fear they write helpful content but deep down, the content ain’t good enough. Some believe THEY are not good enough, as human beings. Nobody moves into influential blogging circles by doubting the self and by doubting their blogs. Believing in self is key to online success because people reflect your belief back to you through your success. But if you doubt yourself, people reflect doubt back to you. Your choice. Everything is on you. Even if you blame someone or something for blogging failure, everything begins and ends in your mind, with your thoughts and feelings. Everything is on you. All is your decision. But owning doubt and lack of clarity is key to clear these energies, allowing you to reach the next level of growth and to move higher in blogging circles.

People smell your lack of blogging confidence. Especially pro bloggers. I respect how we all have some fears but sense someone completely lacking faith in self. How could I ever do business with someone who lacks faith in self? How could I deeply bond with someone who second guesses themselves at every turn? I believe deeply in myself and make clear, bold decisions fast, NEVER second-guessing myself and what I do. Why would I befriend someone totally different than me, from a blogging perspective? Impossible. I surround myself with bold, clear, empowered bloggers who paid their dues, work their craft and make few or no excuses. Everybody else needs to go. Nothing personal. But in the same breath, it is my life, dream, and vision on the line. I let go of bloggers to find good matches so I find good matches myself, in terms of my blogger buddy network. Find resonant friends. Surround yourself with these folks. Birds of a blogging feather flock together.

Face fears. Own doubts. Feel these energies. Moving into higher blogging circles demands you spend time assessing yourself honestly. See yourself in the light of truth. Feel doubts, however unpleasant. Eventually, you will believe more deeply in self and in your blog. Bingo! This is an excellent starting point for moving higher in blogging circles because people gravitate toward like-minded bloggers. Top pros note confident, bold bloggers moving toward being top pros, themselves. Top pros befriend top pros in top pro blogger circles but also allow confident, focused, self-assured bloggers, to join the club, too. But you need to leave doubts behind if you want to move higher in blogging circles because top pros have not deep fears about self and crippling self-doubt; otherwise, they would not be top pros, in the first place.


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