How to Create Blog Posts that Boost Traffic

When you’re told that regularly posting content on your website can boost traffic, you begin to look for random stuff you can upload daily. After all, that’s what getting all those people to visit your website is all about, right?


We hate to break it to you, but there’s more to blogging than meets the eye. While it’s true that you need to upload content regularly, a lot of thought has to come into the kind of content that you upload. Is it in sync with your theme? Does the topic successfully capture the interest of your target audience? Is it effective in boosting website traffic? If you find yourself lost in translation, fret not. We have some useful blogging tips for you.

How to Create Blog Posts that Boost Traffic

Identify your Target Audience

An important step in creating content that can boost website traffic is identifying your target audience. Are they travelers? Into gadgets? Do they have an eye for fashion? What’s their age? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you identify what type of tone and language to use in your content. Your job is to upload content that your audience will love. If it captures them, they’ll keep visiting your website and they’ll drag their friends to join them.

Make it Easy on the Eyes

People these days don’t have the patience to scroll down lengthy blog posts. One of the blogging tips that remain to be relevant is to ensure that entries are interesting, concise, and easy on the eyes. Add images, videos, and infographics so your audience gets the message loud and clear. Play with fonts, and use headings that are compelling.

Optimize your Blog for SEO

Blogging for SEO is one of the sure-fire ways to make sure that people can find you online. Fair warning, it can be tricky since you need to find a healthy balance between SEO and making sure your users have a wonderful experience while navigating around your website.

When blogging for SEO, embedding links to other content can do some real wonders. It’s also helpful when you add alt-text to the images you upload and make sure that you use focused keywords in your articles. Adding a proper Meta Title and Meta Description can also do wonders in boosting your website traffic. As content marketing is important, content optimization on-site is also important so you should include content that stands out, use clearly designed images (use tools like Canva), and make sure that you do no duplicity of content.

Be Clear with your Call-To-Action

The last thing you want your readers to feel after reading your blog is confusion. You can avoid this by being clear with your call-to-action. If you want them to leave a comment, follow your social media pages, buy your product, or share links to your website, let them know. They won’t’ mind doing it for as long as your call-to-action is clear. This also means making sure you put it in a spot that’s easy to see. Some clear call to action examples that you can use are – “Subscribe”, “Shop,” “Sign up,” “Discover,” “Try,” “Watch” and “Read More” etc.

Give Free Previews

If you’re selling products or services on your website, you need to give previews so potential buyers would know what they’re getting themselves into. A lot of people are not keen on purchasing anything online because they don’t have the chance to scrutinize it first before giving the details to their credit card accounts. Previews give them a sense of what they’re buying and show them how awesome your products or services are.

Offer Webinars Each Week

Another way to entice people to keep visiting your blog is by offering weekly webinars. The topic does not have to revolve around the products or services that you offer because that could turn people off. Instead, talk about things that could benefit your target customers. While this communicates how well-versed you are about the topic, it also helps establish a healthy relationship between you and your audience. Since you’re being transparent about who they’re dealing with, it’ll be easier for them to trust you.

Ask Them to Subscribe to Your Mail List

Most bloggers opt to monetize their blogs through emails. It may take longer than other methods, but the conversion rates are much higher. You can get someone’s email by offering to give them something in exchange. Once you have their emails, you can send them regular updates about your blog.

Upload Quality Content

All of the above-mentioned methods won’t work if you upload crappy content. You need to keep your readers interested if you want them to keep coming back to your page on the Internet. Think about the words you use in your blog and pay attention to the details of each image or video that you upload. Make sure your readers reach the end of your posts so avoid uploading long articles. This isn’t an essay writing contest. Be concise and engaging.

Use Social Media

Social media is an important step to boost your blog traffic. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the 3 most popular platforms that can do wonders for your blog site. The best strategy for social media is – create compelling content, so just follow this. Make sure that you get on these social platforms and build an audience that is related and can be your regular readers. Encourage your readers to share your posts by adding the “sharing” button to all of your blog posts.

Final Words

The key to boosting website traffic is good planning. Know your audience so you can figure out what type of content will speak best to them. Use words they can easily understand and get engaged with. They need to feel that you are someone they can rely on and relate to. It’s also good to identify the perfect time to upload content and on what platform depending upon the most engagement of the audience. Appeal to their emotions so they know they’re not talking to a robot. Good luck!

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