How Do You Really Spend Your Blogging Day?

I have published 130 guest posts on Vishwajeet’s rocking blog alone. I do not play around. I spend most of my blogging day creating posts and guest posts. No time-wasting, guys. But not all bloggers blog on purpose like I do. Most bloggers do not blog much. Some get distracted because of weak desires.

Other folks fear failure and feel paralyzed. Some fear success. Whatever. The mental blocks matter not. But getting down to blogging business by generously creating and connecting is all that matters. How do you REALLY spend your blogging day? Honestly? Be straight with yourself. You should be creating and connecting every single day.

 How Do You Really Spend Your Blogging Day

Being generous is key. Most bloggers hold back because bloggers fear to waste their time. Bloggers never want to spend time and energy creating and connecting if they do not get an instant or quick return. Work for a paycheck. Work ONLY because you get paid for work. Blogging is different.

Work generously for a long time before the paycheck arrives. Be generous and patient and persistent. Build your skills, exposure, and credibility. Then, and only then, the money shows up, but you need to spend your blogging day creating and connecting generously to become successful.

No way can you make excuses and succeed. How do you spend your blogging day? Be straight with yourself. I see bloggers complain about having no time to write a blog post. But the same bloggers spend hours on social media every single day. Huh? You are a blogger. Not a social media pro.

Spend those 6-8 hours writing and publishing a blog post or guest post daily. Network by commenting genuinely on blogs. Mention other bloggers on your blog. Mention other bloggers on social media. Spend your blogging day doing generous, genuine blogging stuff that lays the foundation for a successful blogging campaign.

Grow your blogging community. Blog daily. Do not spend your day engaging in non-essential activities. Most of all, never lie to yourself about working generously and intelligently when you do not put in the blogging time. I led off the post with my 130 guest posts on this blog alone to show you what a full commitment to blogging looks like.

Obviously, I spend my blogging day blogging persistently through guest posting, blogging on my blog and networking. I also guest posted 1000 plus times on Blogging Tips. I have guest posted hundreds of times on multiple other blogs, too. No way to write thousands of guest posts unless I’m blogging every day for many hours, doing effective, business-building stuff.

Numbers do not lie. How productive are you? How many posts do you publish? Numbers tell you the truth. Even if blogging is not necessarily about volume posting you need to at least publish content routinely to reflect how you spend your blogging day. Never lie to yourself. Lying to yourself only leads to continued struggles and failure.

If you waste hours on social media, admit this fact. Ditto for messing around on YouTube for hours, being caught in the YouTube vortex. Ditto for wasting time on Netflix or Hulu. Own it. Move-in the blogging direction. Spend your blogging day creating and connecting. Put in the work to succeed.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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