How to Choose a Web Hosting Company for Your Startup?

The primary task of an Entrepreneur setting up his or her startup is to get visibility. In the era of digital space what any business need is a website where they can communicate to the world about their niche. It’s imperative for a business owner to manage their finances well especially in a shoestring budget. Even if your core skill may be different but before launching your startup you must have a basic idea of business operations.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company for Your Startup

This will definitely help in utilizing your funds in an optimum manner. One of the initial decisions that you need to take in your startup is choosing the right web hosting plan. Before even doing that you must know what are the different kinds of hosting plans that will be suitable for your business.

Types of Web Hosting Plans

There are several web hosting plan that can be selected based on the type of business you are running. If you are into e-commerce space then your hosting need will differ as compared to the one who is in the blogging business. Likewise, you may be in any type of venture product or service after buying a suitable domain you will need to make it live to make it visible to your prospects and other stakeholders. Types of web hosting that may be of interest to you are as follows:-

Dedicated Hosting

This web hosting is suitable if you are expecting huge traffic just after the launch. Since this kind of hosting is allocated for your website it’s priced also highest. You can expect the cost to anywhere between 75$ to 125$ per month. If you are into services with not too heavy traffic then there is no use of investing in such kind of plans. It’s not even recommended for the entrepreneur who has bootstrapped their startup. Once you plan to scale up your venture then you may plan to go for dedicated hosting.

This may not be a mandatory option even if you expand your business. It all depends on the volume of traffic you are expecting on your website. Before investing in such kind of hosting plans make sure to plan about the ROI invest accordingly. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of hosting plan is you get complete control in this kind of hosting plans.

VPS Hosting

Closer cousin of dedicated hosting is Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In these kinds of hosting plans, you can share part of the server with other sites. You may get partial control in such kind of hosting plans of the c-panels. The right time to choose this kind of hosting plan is when you are expecting decent traffic in a month that may be in some thousands. The cost of such hosting plans may be very nominal if you are getting the returns of your investments through the volume of traffic apt for such kind of hosting plans. The yearly cost of such a plan maybe even lesser than 100 dollars.

Shared Hosting

This kind of hosting plans accommodate many websites at the same time. May not be recommended for the sites that are planning to invest in digital marketing activities to increase the traffic as it may crash because of the traffic. However, if you are planning to get a static website showcasing only the contact details of the service providers then this option may be good. Available merely at the cost of a 5 $ it may be hardly an investment. You can always upgrade your site to a better hosting plan if you plan to get more traffic at any point.

Free Hosting

Last but not least if you don’t want to spend a penny then there are lots of free web hosting options available in the market as well. There are a few popular free web hosting and domain companies that may work for you. Some of them are like word press and BlogSpot, Tumblr and many others. It may be good for your startup if you are in consulting or promoting your products through market places or social media.

Besides the free web hosting companies you will have to decide among other hosting companies.  You can look out for the ones that offer all kinds of web hosting plans like shared, VPS & dedicated and then compare other things before making the final decision. When it comes to web hosting company in India you may have plenty of service providers to choose from. Some of them are listed below for your convenience.


When it comes to web hosting company in India, GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting providers. When a startup has launched its successful venture by taking a suitable plan from them. It provides all kinds of hosting plans from shared to dedicated. Though it may be a little costly because of efficient customer support it may be worth investing in this web hosting company. If you have already decided about your web hosting plans then you can always explore “Go Daddy Coupons for hosting online” to get some attractive instant discounts.


BigRock is known for facilitating some cheap hosting plans. You can get all kinds of hosting plans from this site as well. They can also help you with step by step of how to use the hosting plan. After getting BigRock coupon code for web hosting at you can launch your websites within a minute.


This is one of the pioneer web hosting company that can offer you customized plans.  You can always find one or the other offering running on this site. To get the best discounts you can buy the required hosting the same day. This customer service is one of the fastest that runs on an autopilot mode to resolve any query of yours.

Reselling Hosting

Another web hosting company that is catching attention from the past few years is Reseller hosting. It got good visibility on the world’s Internet day a few years back when it sponsored one of the events and offered some amazing plans at an unbelievable price. Like other web-hosting providers, it also has the option of multiple hosting plans to choose from.

While choosing a suitable web hosting company for your start-up you will have to filters out of many options. First, you need to decide about the type of the hosting plan then the company from where you want to buy it. After you got the right hosting plan for your business you can leverage it as much as possible. One of the traditional yet best ways to flaunt it is in your visiting cards. Though people prefer to use it on most of their social media pages. Irrespective of that, let a good web hosting plan be the ladder of success for your startup.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet, this decision is a very important one! I love using Hostgator as their 24/7 support is superb! Also I pay for more space because you must think of the future of your website – if you got more traffic wouldn’t you want to be able to handle it?
    Some haven’t and then had issues handling the onslaught of traffic.
    Thinking ahead and having great support for your web hosting is extremely important!

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