How to Collect PayPal Payments on Your WordPress Site

The online world has given us a lot of opportunities to earn money from our spare time. Blogging is also one of the best and popular ways to make money online through your skills. Being a blogger you might face issues to accept PayPal payments on your blog. In this post, I am going to show you how to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress Site?

How to Collect PayPal Payments on Your WordPress Site

Before I am going to describe to you everything on how to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress Site. I would like to tell you more about PayPal.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the oldest and largest online payment processors. PayPal is operated in 190+ countries and enable businesses to collect and process payments online. Whether you are a freelancer or small business owner PayPal has every solution for you to collect payments securely on your website.

It also empowers freelancers to collect payments from their clients in an easy way. They are currently offering 2 accounts. Personal and Business accounts. Both accounts have similar features and benefits. The only difference between these two accounts is under the business account you can operate it under your Business name. Click here to sign for a PayPal account Free.

Starting with PayPal is very easy and free. After the account sign up you need to verify your account. Simply upload your identity and Address proof. Enter your bank details and link your credit and debit card. It will usually take a week to verify your account.

Upon successful verification of your account, all limitations will be removed and you are ready to send and receive payments. They are providing every solution for business to collect payments through API, Buy now buttons and also integrate with third-party tools.

How to Collect PayPal Payments on Your WordPress Site?

WordPress is one of the best tools to create websites and any type of websites including eCommerce sites. Woocommerce is an extension that turns your WordPress site into a shopping site. Click here to start your own WooCommerce site.

There are plenty of plugins and tools available for WordPress that enables you to collect payments through PayPal. In this post, I am going to show the tool that is a far more efficient and easy way to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress Site.

The tool I am talking about is WPForms. Yes, you heard it right! It is one of the best and coolest tools that help you to not only create forms but also allow you to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress site.

What is WPForms


WPForms is an online tool that helps you to create forms on your Blog. It can be any type of forms including simple contact us forms, Order forms, Survey forms, Conditional forms, etc.

It comes with easy drag and drop builder to create forms in just a few clicks. It also has some predefined templates to create instant ready to use forms.

Step 1.

To accept PayPal payments you need to buy the pro version of WPForms. Click here to buy the pro version of WPForms at 50% OFF yearly.

Step 2.

After signing up for a pro plan, you need to install the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site. To do it, login to your WordPress admin panel. Click the “Plugin” menu and click “add new” Now search for “WPForms” install and activate the Plugin.

Install and activate WPForms

Step 3.

Now when you have activated the Plugin then you have to create a form that you want to create. To add a PayPal payment option, just go to Payments & select PayPal Standard. Here, you’ll need to check the box Enable PayPal Standard payments.

You can also do the conditional logic to accept complex payments; just select the box labeled Enable conditional logic.

If a user submitted the form without making the payment then the entries will mark as pending and when the user paid it will convert to the paid ones.

You have successfully implemented the PayPal payment option to your forms. Make sure you have tested up everything before making it live.

If you need any help or assistance then the WPForms teams are always ready to solve your queries in time and friendly manner. They are quite fast and responsive.

Over to You

These are the few steps that help you to collect PayPal payments on your WordPress. A combination of WPForms and PayPal will skyrocket your sales and help you to grow your business across the globe. Whether you are selling products, services, or downloadable products PayPal is #1 online payment solutions. If you find the post helpful, please share it with your friends.