Quora marketing for bloggers: How to get traffic from Quora?

Quora marketing for bloggers: How to get traffic from Quora?

  • Source of a never-ending stream of content ideas for bloggers.
  • A source of referral traffic for starters from day 1.
  • Quora traffic helps in generating quality leads.
  • A great source for Branding through content marketing and help to build authority.
  • Quora helps you to connect with fellow bloggers in your niche.

Do you know about the power of Quora traffic for your blog? If you don’t know then you must read this guide. Because I am sure that after reading this you will be able to start driving traffic from quora.

Quora marketing for bloggers

If you are thinking that after buying the domain and hosting, traffic will start coming immediately, then you are wrong! Because SEO takes time. You have to write a hundred pieces of content and have to work hard to get organic traffic. 

Are you also thinking to only drive traffic by doing SEO, then it sounds that nobody will read your content until you start ranking your posts? And it’s really very hard for the newbies.

It’s the same as giving a presentation in an empty room when nobody loves to read what you share. But thankfully, here comes the quora, a traffic machine that can generate thousands of quality visitors every week and month. 

Quora is the Q&A platform where anyone can ask any question and anyone from the community can answer those questions. It’s really a great source for getting valuable piece information.

Main Motive Of Quora For Savvy Bloggers?

Are you struggling to get traffic from quora to your blog! 

As a blogger, you have two main goals.

  • Drive traffic
  • Build authority

What will be your feelings! If you hear that you can get traffic from quora as well as can do branding too!

Yes, undoubtedly traffic from is a great source to drive authentic and interest-based readers.

Additionally, it also helps you to build authority and brandings also. 

We will discuss the complete Quora Traffic guide. And I am sure that if you will follow all the steps, it can help you to get traffic from Quora

What is referral traffic!

As we have discussed above, quora are the best source for generating referral traffic.

So first off, What is referral traffic?

‘Referral’ means recommendations. When people visit your site by clicking on a link from a different website is simply known as referral traffic. 

In short, referral traffic is Google’s method for reporting the traffic that came to your site from another platform.

Why Traffic From Quora Is Important For Bloggers!

Believe or not, referral traffic is much better than building spammy and non-valuable backlinks every day.

Quora traffic has the potential to drive genuine traffic to your newly created blog. That visitors not only love to read your blog post but also will take interest in buying your products and from your affiliate links.

People that will come to your blog through referral traffic may think about becoming your fan. Because they already have an interest in what you are sharing.

So this is the power and advantage to get traffic from quora.

How to get traffic from Quora

Are you ready to get started with perfect Quora marketing? Here is the step by step marketing guide for driving a good amount of traffic plus building authority. Let’s drive into it.

BUILD your profile

Most of the beginners make this silly mistake, that they didn’t even complete their profile and bio. Make sure, your one-line of the tagline that appears on your profile will be enough to say all.

Give yourself a killer headline with a perfect bio.

Generally in quora, you have to fill out your Headline, Bio, and area of interest.

Make sure that these all are important to become a good Quora marketer. 

Just think about that, if your answer will go viral to 10,000 people so it is clear that many of them will try to find out more related to you, and definitely, they will click on your profile, because they want to get more from you.

What would happen if nothing goes appear there!

This impacts a very bad impression, and maybe the person who wants to get connected with you for the long term will never follow you.


Make your profile bio short and choose your words wisely, that can say all in only one paragraph.

5 Neil Patel Quora

Don’t forget to add your product/site/landing page link in the bio, this will take your leads to the next level.

To appear with the right questions and answers on your feed, you need to select the right categories.

Choose your niche

Selecting a niche is very important in every aspect of life.

If you want to get high and relevant quora traffic to your blog then probably you need to work on specific categories and industry.

Because if you select a broad industry than it will become more typical to handle as a starter

Find correct questions to answer

This is the step that most quora writers miss.

Just think about how you can get more visitors to your blog! When you will get:

  • 100 views / your one quora answer? Or 
  • 1000+ views / every answer

Definitely, the more you get views on your answers the more you can drive visitors to your blog.

Select the questions to answer that fulfills the following terms

  • The question that has to answer should have more than 300 followers.
  • Your selected question must not be more than 1 month old.
  • It should not contain more than 50 answers.

Do not write clueless answers. Most bloggers only write to promote their links, but if you will do this so the quora will collapse your answer.

Also, focus on giving the answers that people are requesting you.


Do proper research before writing

Many people don’t take this seriously and they just start typing before trying to know anything about it.

Make sure! You have to research well before answering any question.

Again keep in mind;

 Creating useless content every day is not necessary, but you have to add quality and value, not the quantity.

Obviously, if you answer 5 questions every day and the content you are providing to your visitors is fruitless, there is no advantage of this.

But what would happen when you start answering after selecting the perfect question with the perfect format and strategy!

Before answering any question.

  • Read the answer given by other people first.
  • Research well before writing any answer.
  • Try to understand the type of question asked.
  • AGAIN: Don’t do promotions, add value.

BONUS: Try to build your own writing style. It’s hard for the newbies but it’s possible.

To improve your writing and to build your own writing style, you must read blog posts, articles, and newsletters every day. Follow a person in your industry who writes well. 

The best tone for giving Quora Answers and even for writing your blog posts is Conversational Tone. It’s like addressing your readers directly. Use words like “You” and “I” in your content, to create more engagement.

Format your answers

Formatting the answers will take your Quora Content Marketing career to the next level. Here are some simple, but useful tips for you.

Headings and subheadings: Try to break your content after every 200-300 words with a short cache headline.

Short paragraphs: Try to break down your words into small paragraphs. Every paragraph of your content should not be more than 100 words.

Bullet points: Must add bullet points in your content to explain it shortly wisely.

Images and Visual content: Buzzsummo concluded after the study of 2 Million articles, that those who showed images after 75-100 words got more shares. Adding more images, videos and infographics will help your answer to stand out from all the other answers.

Hunting for more Organic reach

You can get more traffic from quora to your blog if you will write SEO friendly answers.

 Quora traffic.

Quora is getting 120M+ visitors every month, and definitely that all traffic is driving to the content given and asked by the community.


Let’s have a look at this one of the most popular pages of the Quora. 

This particular answer is driving more than 16,0000 visitors every month and ranking on 162,000+ keywords.

This seems amazing…

Obviously, there is a golden opportunity for you, if you will write your answers a little bit of SEO optimized. And also it will help your answer to stand out and appear in the news feeds.

Writing SEO optimized answers is not too typical if we compare it with the normal blog post optimization.

Because Quora already has high authority in the eyes of Search engines.

To make your content optimized:

  1. Select at least 3 keywords related to your answer.
  2. Add keywords at the beginning of the content as well as use at least one time after each 100 to 150 words.
  3. Add them in the Headings, subheadings and in paragraphs too.
  4. Clear all the points and facts in your answer. Write a few descriptive answers (200-500+ words long).
  5. Craft your answer in a better way. Use cache headlines, short paras, images, quotes, bullet points, and etc.

It’s very simple. Only you have to select perfect keywords and make your answer SEO optimized according to those keywords.

Most Importantly: Add your blog links smartly

You can’t get traffic from quora if you will not add your blog links in your quora answers.

After you have done all the steps. Now there is a last but game-changing step to follow.

Adding links to your blog for driving good quality referral traffic is a little bit tricky but not like breaking a big rock.

If you start adding 2-3 links in your every Quora answer, then maybe it will be assumed as spamming. 

Notifications Quora

Don’t need to worry, here are only 2-3 easy points that you should follow before pointing links to your site.

  • Always write well researched and in-depth answers for your readers.
  • Give your readers a reason to click on your links and read more.
  • Don’t add many more links to your site.

Basically, your first goal will be your readers’ attraction. If you can attract readers with your content, then congrats!

And surely, they will try to get more from you, so it is clear that they will click on your links.

BUT! Before starting linking, must remember!

Try not to add more links. This will impact on your SEO rankings and also on your quora account.

In Short:

  • Add only one link in your answer.
  • Only add links when necessary, and when it’s natural within the context of your answer.
  • Give your readers a reason to read more by clicking on your link.

3 key points to remember!

Became a content machine

The more you produce the more you grow.

Yes! You heard right…

If you want to generate tons of traffic, then you have to schedule your quora answers on a daily basis.


What many people simply write in the answers!

They just write 2 to 3 sentences and say, “If you want to know more then Click…”.

Bad Answer Examples

Lol… Now I wish I could make fun of those people that give the answers such as this and expect to get traffic from quora answers.

Well, this is not the right way. 

You are not in the business of only writing words. You are in the business of motivating human beings to take action.

The actual way is to write in-depth content, that will admire your readers and produce feelings of Wow in their minds. So that you can convert them into your subscribers.

Otherwise….. Sorry!

Tell a story, write answers as you are addressing to your friend

Do you know! Many successful promotions are written in 1st person (I, We) and in 3rd person (he, she, they). 

So if you are also feeling that you don’t know much more about how to write…!

So I recommend writing answers like you are talking with your best mate or telling a story.

At last! The only way to stand out and look different from your competitors is the quality of knowledge and content that you are providing. 

And… if you do that and follow all the above tips and guides, then Congrats!

Enjoy your free high-quality traffic from Quora ?.

If you think that, this post can help in generating some quality visitors, then share it with your friends. If you have any queries regarding the topic, you can ask in the comments.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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