How to Pick Up the Blogging Pieces after a Tough Setback

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The White Screen of Death.

Income streams disappearing overnight.

Hosts pulling your blog offline.

Every blogger faces tough setbacks from time to time. Winners bounce back fast, picking up the blogging pieces. Everyone else FALLS to pieces. Falling to pieces serves as a blogging death knell because unless you manage your emotions, blogging proves to be a failing journey guaranteed to force your quitting. 

How to Pick Up the Blogging Pieces after a Tough Setback

Being calm, cool and collected allows you to handle blogging issues with ease, grace and poise. Before proceeding, BE with the feelings triggered during rough setbacks. Enlightened souls may barely bat an eyelash at experiencing The White Screen of Death, but new, struggling or even successful veteran bloggers feel different emotions when your blog goes white. You know what I mean; that stomach in the throat feeling experienced during turbulent plane dips, welling up in your being the moment your blog disappears.

Be with Fear

Be with the fear, anger, rage, terror and sheer horror of your blog vanishing – temporarily – and as the fear-pain passes, even though it feels terrible to embrace, you explore solutions, solve the problem and begin recovery mode. No one proceeds intelligently being burdened by fear and pain but feeling each heavy energy helps you see clearly, find solutions and step out of the dire blogging straits.

Consider daily energy management rituals to expand awareness, a key skill for unearthing, facing, feeling and releasing fears.  I meditate, do Kriya yoga, do yin yoga and power walk to keep emotions flowing along, and to face, feel and release fears triggered during potential blogging stressors. Do whatever vibes with you but make sure to follow an energy management ritual daily, for all aspects of your life.


Network guys, network. My blogging buddies helped me through painful situations more than once in the past. Some fixed problems for me. Others offered spot-on solutions for my blogging maladies. All my blogging buddies support me, uplift me, and raise me higher and higher during difficult blogging moments. Suffering through blogging duress gets easier if friends surround you, support you, and help see you through these difficult moments. Lick your wounds. Then, lean on friends when you feel not too strong, confident, or clear in your ability to get up and running, again. Generously help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Earn trust. Make friends. Really, making blogging buddies is simple and quite easy as you become more generous, relaxed, and trusting in the bond-building process.

Never PC It



Do away with each wasteful energy. Bloggers usually panic, complain or do both the moment one or 10 income streams dissolve overnight. How about guest posting for links dying, as Matt Cutts uttered those fateful words in 2014? Most bloggers completely panicked at loss of income and/or loss of SERPs. Other bloggers complained terribly, cursing Cutts and Google. Yet other bloggers panicked then complained about the important step Google had to take to prevent spammy sites from dominating page 1 keywords.

Both panicking and complaining waste precious blogging energy. Stop doing each. Remove panickers and complainers from your blogging buddy network, too. No one who adds negative energy to an already stressful problem needs to be around you during tough times. Hang only with uplifting, action-oriented, solution seekers to gracefully pick up the blogging pieces after a blogging emergency.


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