How To Recover From Google Panda Penalty

Have you Hit by Google Panda Penalty? In this post, I am going to show you how to recover from Google Panda penalty.

With the increased in usage of internet worldwide, Google is constantly improving their searching algorithm to stop the spam websites to get a higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Websites were easily able to rank well in the past by utilizing Black Hat SEO techniques, which are considered illegal by Google searching algorithm.

How To Recover From Google Panda Penalty

Google Panda Penalty

Google always punish the website using Black hat SEO with Panda Penalty. In most cases websites using illegal SEO tactics notice a significant drop in the website traffic. In the worst case scenarios Google remove the spam website from the searching engines result.

Two Types of Penalty

Two reasons could be responsible if your website has noticeable a significant amount of drop in the website traffic:

  1. First your website might have been penalized by Google spam team
  2. Second you have been hit by Google Panda algorithm

Penalized by Google Spam Team

You can check if your website is penalized by Google Spam Team by using Google Webmaster. If your website is hit by the spam team, then you would receive a warning notification in Google Webmaster tool. If there is no trace of a warning notification and you notice a drop in 50% traffic then most probably you have been hit by Panda.

Recover from Panda Penalty

If you suddenly notice a tremendous drop in your website traffic, than your website might have been penalized by Google. After Panda update 4.0, thousands of websites were demolished by Google and if your website is recently hit by Panda, then you can follow the given guidelines in order to recover your website from the google panda penalty.

Low Quality Back-links

More than 90% of the website lose their rank in SERP, because of creating low quality backlinks. Following are some types of back-links that could be a potential threat to the raking of your website:

  1. Creating back-links in the website that are violating Google Panda guidelines
  2. Building back-links in the website that are not related to your niche
  3. Focus only do-follow back-links
  4. Always Creating back-links in only low authority websites

If you have back-links in too many low ranking websites or if your website is pointing to a penalized website, then you should remove the bad links, because you wouldn’t want to be associated with low quality websites. You can also send emails to low authority blogs/website and request them to remove your link from their website.

Duplicate Penalty

Google give more weight to the websites with detailed and unique contents, because now Google looks at the website according to user’s point of view. If your website is hit by Panda, then the first thing you need to look for are the duplicate contents.

You should remove the contents from your articles that are similar to the articles of other website. Variety of Plagiarism tools are available on the internet that you can use to identify any duplicate contents from your website. You can use SmallSEO Plagiarism tool for checking duplicate contents.

One of the most common mistake that is made by bloggers that they add duplicate contents in the website and as a result they end up losing their website rank in the searching engine.

Overuse of Ads is a Bad SEO Practice

Users do not like to use website with too many ads, because ads affect the readability of the audience. Ads are good for marketing products and brands, but Google penalized websites with thin contents and excessive ads. If you want to add advertisements in your website then make sure that you do not display ads above the fold area.

If you want to be save from Panda penalty then remove advertisements from above the fold and manually re-index your website with minimum ads.

Wait for the Recovery of your Website

After you have removed all the panda triggers from your website, you need to wait for google to remove the penalty from your website. In the meantime, you can also hire developers to redesign your website with SEO friendly design for an increased user experience. Because even small SEO mistakes in the web application design can demote your website in the searching engine.


Recovering from Panda penalty is difficult, but it is not impossible. If your website is penalized by Panda then you have to look out on different aspects. So that you can identify and fix the triggers by using above mentioned guidelines. This helps you to recover your blog from the Google panda penalty.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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  1. Hi Vishwajeet,
    Inspire of the fact that Google penalizes those involved in black hat SEO tactics, many marketers are still doing their thing black hat way. Look at the numbers, a whopping 90% of websites get a drop in traffic due to illegal SEO practices. However, it is a good thing to recover from and you did well with your tips.

  2. Hey Vishwajeet!
    Great post!
    What do you think about news sites, for example apple news sites.
    When new app for IOS gets released all of the sites copy and paste description from apple itunes application page. They don’t even spin description. They also use the same images, yet none of the sites gets penalized for this. In most cases they have less than 300 words.
    Any idea why panda is not affecting them?

  3. Hi Aaron,

    It was a very helpful resource! I haven’t been hit by the panda penalty, but I would love to be prepared if in case I encounter this in the future. Thanks a lot for sharing helpful information about this penalty along with the ways to recover from it. I am sure it will help a lot of people if they come across this problem. I will definitely share this article with my friends to help them gain a better understanding of resolving this problem as well.

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