How To Use Content Writing For More Engagement?

Hello, I have started to write content. I’m writing from the last four months but not getting engagement from the readers.

Should I leave this? Should I change the topic? I’m not sure how to use content writing for more engagement?

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to set themselves apart from their competition, and it makes them unique in the crowd.

How To Use Content Writing For More Engagement

How do you define “Engagement” – For me, it is all about how well you can manage communication with your audience for getting the results: be it an increase in traffic, likes, comments, sharing, making your sales, or even getting clicks. That depends upon your goal. 

Many bloggers and business owners launch their websites and start writing content without knowing how to make their content engaging. And unfortunately, they end up writing. 

With the aim that no writer shall abandon their writing and ranked in sharing and reading the content, here I’m sharing the 6 most powerful tips on “How to Use Content Writing for More Engagement?”

1. Attention-grabbing title: Do someone has time to read the full newspaper comprising more than 1000 news how do they choose the news to read? Exactly, by title. Even in the news app, people just scroll the news until they see some catchy title of story. The more suspense in the title, the more audience would like to read the content. 

Use these in your title to make your content engaging 

  • Use “how to.”
  • Use “Numbers” 
  • Ask “Questions” 
  • Attacking words – Last chance, hurry, offer, secret, killer, beware, unexpected, etc. 

You should devote a lot of time to picking the best title while keeping in mind the “CCC” approach. That means “clear, concise, and compelling.”

Tip: While using a captivating heading, be specific to deliver the content that your title is promising. This is the biggest mistake people do; sometimes, people make false promises and look too desperate for attention. Consequently, they lose their visitors trust.

2. Storytelling approach: Fact, engaging yourself in reading a novel is easy as compared to your textbooks. Why? The novel also has the same alphabets, grammar, and English as your college textbooks. 

So, here the novel has the storytelling approach. The most successful speakers also use storytelling to spread their message. They use natural but twisted stories that we can relate and retain for a long time.

Story Telling Approach

People love listening to each other’s stories. It makes people feel that you are talking to them through your content, which is an amazing engagement with the readers. Make your content like you are sharing your experiences. 

Your content in the form of storytelling should resemble, “Visitor couldn’t wait to keep reading and recommended your post to other people also.”

What to include in the story?

  • Incorporate facts
  • Relatable experiences 
  • Fictitious stories

Tip: Use the powerful word “You” n the story and maintain your reader as your 2nd partner. Trust me; this is the most powerful way for “How to Use Content Writing for More Engagement?” and significantly impacts the audience. 

3. Strong introduction: Done with the attractive title? Let’s move to the content’s introduction. The readers decide to read further articles only when they find their introduction killer and useful. 

Here you need to write your first line that tempts the reader to read the next line. Don’t write about unnecessary and unrelated content. No one has that much time; they prefer reading relevant things that they are looking for. 

Follow these for starting the best introduction:

  • Start with an unusual topic
  • Why they should read this article
  • Give hope to provide a solution during the article reading
  • Let them imagine their daily life to make them say “yes.”

Tip: Keep the introduction brief yet effective to influence the audience to read full content. 

4. Include visual elements: Text-based content is always an integral part of the content writing but using the visual elements play a vital role in more engagement. Researchers have found that the colored visuals have more impact in engaging visitors in your content. It increases their willingness to read the full content and helps the visitors to stay on your website for longer which helps in reducing bounce rate

What type of Visual elements should be added?

  • Image
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Screenshot
  • GIFs

Visual elements break your complex sentences into compelling and easily understandable. We know it is better to remember the large amounts of information when displayed visually rather than verbally. 

Tip:Use the relevant original images and videos in the correct size and optimized for SEO. 

5. Engage with the reader’s emotions: “Emotions are the most powerful weapon” to attract anyone. Why don’t you try in your content? You have excellent writing, but if you fail the deliver your content in the way the audience wants, you will end up losing. 

So, here emotion means the tone (language). Each content has some tone like positive, negative, appealing, formal, informal, ironic, etc. Your word choices, way of writing, language reveals the opinion about your content. 

When you interact with your audience at the emotional level, they enjoy liking and commenting and sharing your post.

Use words:

  • Imagine
  • Proven
  • Guarantee
  • Sympathize words

Tip: Use simple words and write the way you like to speak. Don’t complicate or play with words too much. Always welcome your targeted audience that evokes an emotional response from them.

6. Call to Action (CTA): Call to action offers you dual benefits; one is increasing your content engagement, and second is promoting our audience. A call to action means giving an option to the audience to take some desired actions. 

 Call to Action

Add the strong CTA that encourages you to respond immediately to your content. It should be convincing to work for you day and night and bring visitors.

Add these CTA actions in your content writing:

  • Add conversational words 
  • Ask questions in the comment
  • Ask them to subscribe your blogs
  • Ask them to like and share with your loved ones
  • Ask then to connect with you on other social media channels  
  • Start a poll or short quiz

Tip: Now, you have done your hard work, devoted lots of effort, and kept patience and let the audience move. 

Final takeaway

Readers want to be involved and understood. The Audience wants to read the best valuable information,and that should be your work to deliver. Moreover, if you can build trust among readers initially, you don’t have to worry about getting more traffic. Here, sharing is the most effective and fast tool. 

I hope you are excited now to write your next content full of engagement. 

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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  1. I always struggling of writing good content that rank on Google but despite of failure I have nothing , I knew that there is something left behind, now I know what is left behind while writing a good Content thanks a lot VK for your tips it’s help me lot , I follow your blog from past couple of months and I always learn something new and useful when I visit to this site.
    Thanks again ?

  2. Engaging content is complicated. It has much in common with “quality content”, But I will use your tips for my website thanks.

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