4 Ways to Inspire Your Readers

Inspiring bloggers gives you hope when things seem hopeless.

Doesn’t it flat out feel good to follow an inspired, uplifting blogger who helps you see above your obstacles, through your struggles and around any resistance you face? Sure it does. But inspiring your readers is an art form because most new bloggers vibe kinda low. We usually dive into blogging from the dominant energy of fear. No worries guys; you can change that vibe and inspire your readers. But you need to follow a few simple tips for uplifting your blogging community.

4 Ways to Inspire Your Readers

What’s the really cool part about inspiring your readers to succeed? People seek you out the moment you shine brightly for fellow bloggers and for your readers. Bright lights stand out in a sometimes bleak blogging world. Most bloggers get so busy trying to pick themselves up that they have no energy to pick up other bloggers. You will be a blogging beacon who inspires other bloggers to live their dreams.

Follow these 4 tips to inspire your blogging community.

1: Share Wins from Your Life

Share wins! Uplift your readers. Nobody wants to follow a Debbie Downer who focuses on their struggles all the time. Share any and all wins to inspire readers to aim higher, to dream big dreams, to chase their wildest visions, because of that energy, that fun, that freedom, fuels readers for their journey. Inspire your followers by giving people hope for what’s possible, for what could be. Everybody loves a winning story. Everybody loves someone who inspires people to live their dreams.

2: Share Losses from Your Life

Sharing struggles with blogging and in life gives people hope because if you succeed after facing obstacles, people going through tough times believe they can succeed, too. I share my really freeing, fun life of living in Fiji, Bali, NYC, and Thailand for months at a time to show readers what’s possible but also list my struggles, losses and dark moments to prove I am human, and I did struggle a bit during my journey. Every blogger struggles before blogging get easier and easier because we all face fears and resistance on the successful blogging path. Share your losses. Let readers and fellow bloggers know; you can struggle and still live your dreams.

3: Keep It Positive

Keep your blog positive. Readers appreciate positive bloggers who uplift them, who support them and who inspire them. For example, I tell readers it takes generosity, work and time to succeed – being honest aka tip #4 – but I lift my community up, keeping things positive, focusing on their growth and potential. Some bloggers make the foolish mistake of downing their readers, telling them what they cannot do, in negative, dour, fashion. Never cripple your readers with limiting beliefs. Be positive. Pick people up versus pulling them down to become a successful blogger.

4: Be Honest

Being honest inspires readers because being genuine makes this successful blogging journey realistic, attainable and flat out possible for most bloggers. Doesn’t it feel good knowing anybody can put in the work and time to succeed online? But in the same breath, being honest lets you know that nobody makes $10,000 a day through blogging during the first 2-3 months of their blogging career. Make success possible, then, probable, then, a certainty. Be honest with your readers.


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