Find the Balance Between Following and Breaking Blogging Rules

Most phenomenal bloggers stick to basic fundamentals but also break rules, too. Have you tried to find a balance between following and breaking rules? Where do you err? Which side of the fence seems more familiar to you? I break plenty of rules but follow a few basic fundamentals. I create content generously and genuinely network with fellow bloggers. Two powerful blogging rules to follow if you want to succeed online. But I break ample rules. I never grew much of an email list. I pay little attention to SEO. How in the heck did I succeed if I have no real list and little traffic from Google? I give all of my attention and energy to doing what I love doing. Giving my attention and energy to following my fun allows me to experience fun-feeling results. Yep, you guessed it; fun-feeling results make up successful results.

Think of it this way, guys….do what you love doing and you will succeed eventually. Sometimes, you need to break certain rules because specific rules you should follow, you despise doing. I despise list-building and SEO-optimizing posts because both feel heavy, boring and lifeless to me. I would be an absolute moron to give my attention and energy to some activity that feels boring, lifeless and heavy to me because where your energy goes, grows. Instead of engaging in these heavy-feeling activities – breaking these alleged blogging rules – I create and publish 10 or more posts daily because doing so feels fun, freeing and relaxing. Guess what? I honor the creating and connecting rules by publishing content freely and I also experience increased success because where your energy goes, grows. I give my energy to fun and experience fun-feeling, successful results.

What rules do you follow and what rules do you break? Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Observe your emotions in the light of truth. Following some rules feels fun but highly scary sometimes. I love guest posting but deeply feared being rejected the first few times I published guest posts many years ago. I knew I had fun guest posting even though doing so felt uncomfortable sometimes. This was a rule I would follow to become more successful. But list-building never felt fun, enjoyable or peaceful to me. I did not so much fear list-building than I simply despised it, feeling it be a heavy, job-like task that I simply did not vibe with. Guess what? Since the listed building did not feel fun to me, the list building did not feel fun to my readers, either. This is code for, “few people signed up for my list,” LOL 🙂 Do you know why you struggle? You mindlessly follow some blogging rules you have no business following because doing those things feels dull, lifeless and flat out heavy to you. Let it go. Let go any activity feeling heavy, boring and not resonant, with you.

Break some rules. Fill your day with fun-feeling activities. Guaranteed, some of these blogging activities honor some basic blogging rules, too. Break some rules. Follow other rules. Find a happy medium to accelerate your blogging success.


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