How to Use Ubersuggest as a Beginner (Why you need a Better SEO Tool in 2020

When I received an email update on Ubersuggest Keyword tool version 5.0 from Neil Patel, I was like, what is new this time around?

I had to ask that question within me because I wasn’t so comfortable the last time I used the keyword tool for a case study on how to easily build an Amazon Niche Site.

What is new? Behold the New Ubersuggest version 5.0. I will tell you more about the latest Ubersuggest tool version but for now, it sounds weird that we want to use a tool we do not have a reason for, right?

So, what’s the tool all about and how can it benefit a beginner that wants to create a profitable blog in 2020?

Ubersuggest is a popular free SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas.

Originally created as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms, Ubersuggest was recently acquired by a well-known Digital Market and entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has since expanded the feature set significantly.

Talking of Neil Patel, he is a cool entrepreneur that cares about the beginners. And by that, I mean, he responds to questions & queries you through at him.

(Neil’s responses on his blog)

Niel patel of Ubersuggest comments


In 2016, I wanted to see if I could get an influencer to respond to my question. Surprisingly, Mr. Neil did well to give feedback via Facebook messaging. Since then he has been one of my choice brands in the Digital marketing world.

The brand Neil has built is not the type that can be built-in 1440 minutes. You need years to garner such experience and then the followership/audience.

Side Note: Neil has crossed 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Everything You Need To Know About TheUbersuggest Keyword Tool (New and Old Versions)

I think describing Ubersuggest as a popular free SEO tool still sounds like a myth to a beginner. Let’s see what an SEO tool is?

According to Quora, SEO tools are either web-based or desktop programs that assist to optimize your website for increasing the ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In essence, these are tools that show you how to make your articles Search Engine friendly so you can rank easily.

There are various tools for different SEO tasks like keyword research, technical optimization, traffic analysis, etc.

Some of the popular SEO tools are SEMrush, Ahrefs, KwFinder, Ubersuggest and etc.

What’s new in the Ubersuggest Keyword Tool Version 5.0?

As much as I want to say that I wasn’t satisfied (maybe because humans are insatiable), I will rather say that my expectations were cut short. Here is how.

The only innovation about Ubersuggest 5.0 is that it can now generate 1 Million Keyword Suggestions in 7 Seconds.

What this means is that when you perform a search on Ubersuggest for any keyword, you’ll see a “related” tab with even more suggestions.

Let’s jump into it and see how to use Ubersuggest as a Beginner in 2020.

How to Sign up onUbersuggest

To use the Keyword tool, all you need is 3 steps. 1. Sign up and verify your account2. Create a Project and 3. Add keywords.

Ubersuggest signup homepage

1. To sign up you can easily use your Google Account (this will give you the chance to more related keywords).

2. Choose the Google Account you want to use (any of your Gmail accounts is fine).

Gmail accounts for Ubersuggest tool

3. Enter a Keyword.

An Overview of Ubersuggest and its SEO Add-ons


Ubersuggest offers a 6-in-1 SEO toolkit for users. Below is a list of SEO tasks you can use it for.

Uber Keyword Suggests

·      Keyword Ideas

·      Content Ideas

Traffic Analyzer

·      Top Pages Analysis

·      Keywords Analysis

SEO Analyzer

·      Site Audit

·      Backlinks

Our Case Study Keyword is “Gardening”.

Entering the keyword into Ubbersuggest we see that it has a monthly search volume of 135,000 | SEO Difficulty of 75 | Paid Difficulty of 48.

keyword research on Ubersuggest

Monthly Search Volume: this defines the number of people entering this search term into the search engine – per 30 days.

SEO Difficulty: this defines how hard or simple it will be to rank for the keyword – Gardening”

The more the SEO Difficulty figure, the harder it becomes to rank for it. And if it’s lower, the better.

Paid Difficulty: This defines an estimated competition in paid search. The higher the number the tougher/competitive.

Cost Per Click (CPC): this defines the average cost per click. That is if you wanted to pay Google to be seen as an ad.

Ranking for The Searched Keyword – Gardening

From the result above we know that as a beginner it will take forever years for you to rank on page 1. Why?

You will probably need a lot of domains referring to your blog – Backlinks – to boost your domain authority.

Since we can’t rank for this as a beginner, what next?

Step 1. Scroll down to “View all Keywords Ideas”.

keyword ideas on Ubersuggest

Step 2. Click on it and view more Keywords – we will go on to search for related keywords we can easily rank for (with or without backlinks).

Looking through you will see that there are over 500 related keywords on Gardening.

filter section on Ubersuggest

Now, click on “Filters” – we want to filter – exclude searches from 41+ SEO difficulty.

Under SEO difficulty. Enter Min – 15 and Max – 40 (You can select the range you want). Click on “APPLY”

(You can leave out the other parameters. At this point, it’s not important to us).

identifying rabnking factor on Ubersuggest

From filtering it to 15-40, the outcome showed 9,612 Keyword Ideas; an indication that we can easily rank for these keywords.

Now click on “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the keywords to the clipboard or click on “Export to CSV” to save/open them using Google Sheet or Excel.

Ubersuggest keyword ideas

The Result: if the Ubersuggest tool is frank – accurate enough it means that with or without backlinks you can expect up to 50,000 monthly visits on the above keywords to your blog. (But don’t get excited yet).

If this is a valid search volume, then all you need to do is 1. Build your blog around ads – Google AdSense. 2. Apply for AdSense and get an approval in less than 24 hours.

With these options, you are sure not to waste the traffic – that is if you can’t maximize affiliate marketing with them.

Note: the websites listed on the right-hand side are your competitors.

How can you beat them? There are certain SEO steps you can take, however, the quick hacks are; making sure your On-page SEO is in place, use FAQs in your Schema and write epic contents.

Why You Need A Better SEO Tool In 2020

I guess you were excited when you saw the results above, right? Well, you might not want to sustain that happiness because the result from Ubersuggest and the reality from other SEO tools show a different ball game. Let’s see.

UberSuggest Vs Keyword Revealer (Keyword – Gardening)

Keyword Volume

On Ubersuggest, the Keyword Search Volume for “Gardening” was 135,000.

On Keyword Revealer you will see that the Keyword Search Volume for “Gardening” is 673,000.

The Balance? Which is correct?

I can’t attest to what is correct, however, let’s see how to catch the accurate tool.

Listed SERP

(SERP – Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher).

On Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest SERP results

On Keyword Revealer

keyword revealer SERP Result

The Balance? Which is correct?

To know the correct search result let’s head over to Native Google Search Keyword Tool and see the top 10 Listed Pages – that is a simple way to know which keyword tool is trying to play with our intelligence

ubersuggest experiment - google search engine

On Native Google Search Keyword Tool

The top 10 Ranking Pages are:

Google SERP analysis

  6. (Duplicate)
  8. (Excluding video content –

On Ubersuggest Top 10 results:

Ubersuggest SERP results


Comparing Google Top 10 Result with Ubersuggest

Google Tool – 10

Ubersuggest – 0

Keyword Revealer

keyword revealer SERP Result

  1. (Duplicate – 2 times)

Google Tool – 9

Keyword Revealer – 6

The Verdict:  Keyword Revealer

From the results, we can see that the Ubersuggest tool showed a Zero Result as seen on Google SERP while Keyword Revealer revealed up to 6.

The Superior:  Keyword Revealer

Kindly note that I did the same comparison using *(KwFinder vs Ubersuggest) with another keyword when I showed how to do a simple niche keyword research for building a profitable Amazon Niche website. So, this is yet another analysis of this case study.

At the end of the day, the result is the same – a need for a better SEO tool.

Why You Need A Better SEO Tool other than Ubersuggest

See, I am trying my best to confer the fact that Neil has done an incredible job for allowing the newbies and internet marketers to use this paid tool he acquired for FREE.

While we know that no 2 SEO Tools show the same results – based on the algorithm or structure used, however, when the changelog is too much we’ve got to be straight, after all, it’s our job to bring traffic to our site.

What I mean is, you can decide to use Ubbersuggest – the important thing is the result you’ll get.

A big disclosure: Ubersuggest is good, but you need something better or best for your blogging business.

A better SEO recommended by Vishwajeet Kumar is SEMrush which you can even start a Free Trial.

Final Note On Using Ubersuggest As A Beginner

In the early days of Google the idea for PageRank — Google’s early ranking algorithm — stemmed from Einstein.

According to Austen Allred, Larry Page and Sergei Brin were students at Stanford, and they noticed how often scientific studies referred to famous papers, such as the theory of relativity. These references acted almost like a vote — the more your work was referenced the more important it must be.

If they downloaded every scientific paper and looked at the references, they could theoretically decide which papers were the most important, and rank them.

They realized that because of links, the Internet could be analyzed and ranked in a similar way, except instead of using references they could use links.

So they set about attempting to “download” (or crawl) the entire Internet, figuring out which sites were linked to the most. The sites with the most links were, theoretically, the best sites.

And if you did a search for “university,” they could look at the pages that talked about “university” and rank them.

Google Today

Google works largely the same way today, although with much more sophistication and nuance. The need to accurate address the sophistication and nuances gave birth to various SEO tools. So, to draw the closing line, first of all, thanks to Neil for a great tool. But let’s break the cocoon.

If you don’t want to waste time banking your hope on skeletal traffic volume results you’ve got to get a better SEO tool.

Try out SEMrush for Free Today.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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