Focus on Human Beings Over Numbers to Succeed and Enjoy the Ride

Do you know why I am writing this guest post at 11 PM on a weekend evening? I love helping out Vishwajeet. I do not cling to some idea that I need to publish 10 posts daily. Nor did I set daily goals for hitting specific metrics. Why not? Numbers do not build my business. Human beings build my business. Human beings feel fun to help but numbers do not feel fun to focus on because numbers seem to be inanimate objects to us, right? Does making your blogging life about manipulating numbers to get more numbers feel really good to you? Nope. Focusing your attention and energy on numbers feels bad because lifeless numbers cannot make you feel anything of note.

Focus on Human Beings Over Numbers to Succeed and Enjoy the Ride

Hey; I enjoy making money through my blog. I feel grateful to see increasing blog traffic and profits. Making money feels fun and free. But focusing on humans over numbers makes this journey genuinely enjoyable. Focusing on humans makes blogging fun. You and I have fun and experience the greatest joy by helping people. But you need to make a big shift most bloggers ignore in order to focus on people over numbers. Look around; most bloggers concentrate on metrics over human beings. Scan Quora for a few moments. Do you notice what percentage of bloggers ask questions about traffic and profits metrics? Most bloggers ask about numbers. Few bloggers ask about how to help humans. Do you wonder why bloggers struggle? Focusing on things over humans never works because traffic and profits flow through humans, not things like numbers. Get clear on this basic idea and not only will you succeed online; plan on enjoying the ride too.

Do you feel good whenever you help someone? Of course, you do! Doesn’t it feel fun, freeing and rewarding to assist humans in any endeavor? Serving people feels good. Humans find the highest joy in helping other people. Success flows to you but emitting good vibes from helping others may be the most enjoyable aspect of successful blogging. Emotional feedback seems totally underrated in terms of blogging benefits because bloggers stuff lifeless stats – traffic and/or profits – or inanimate things – houses and cars – over the blissful emotions of service bloggers experience in helping readers. Numbers cannot make you feel good because numbers cannot do anything. People can elicit appreciation, happiness, and peace in you through your sheer act of service. Forget about positive reviews or thoughtful, heartfelt emails. Getting feedback rocks but the simple act of helping people and expecting nothing in return feels genuinely good, in and of itself. Again; a little before midnight on a weekend, I could be sleeping, watching Netflix or be doing 1 or 100 other things. I have fun helping you. I write this guest post. Why? I focus on helping humans over manipulating things and enjoy the process so much that I keep helping my blogging buddies around the clock.


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