Should You Ask the Same Blogging Question or Just Follow the Advice?

“How do you get blog traffic?”

“How can you make money blogging?”

Each question seems to be asked thousands upon thousands of times on Quora. By users. Of me. Joking of course, but the volume of those 2 blogging questions asked online boggles the mind. The problem? Bloggers ask one or both questions, do a terrible job following the smart, proven answers, and, ask the same question again a few days, weeks or months later.

Should You Ask the Same Blogging Question or Just Follow the Advice

Like the movie Groundhog Day, these folks, these lost blogging souls, seem to blog in a cyber circle. Ask the same question enough and you eventually don’t get any answers. Bloggers ignore you. You asked the question 10 times in 10 months. Instead of asking the same question again, how about following our advice to actually drive traffic and profits? Honest; if you generously help people, success will be yours. Traffic, profits, business, comments, social shares, all that good stuff. But if you do not follow good advice and just ask the same question again, it’ll be like little kids on a super long, 15-hour road trip…..asking 4 seconds into the trip, “Mom and dad, are we there yet????”

Nope; you are NOT there yet. The advice is sound. Solid. Proven. Versus asking the same question for the 10th 100th or 1,000th time (feels like it, at least), just follow the advice we offer you from generous, genuine energy, for 6-12 months. Put in those thousands of hours. Be committed. Guaranteed, traffic and profits will increase if you keep it simple, help people for free and gain exposure, skills, and credibility. Being armed with these factors, traffic and profits will find you and your lovely blog.

I have the patience of Job but in the same breath, devote time and energy to people who resonate with me enough to follow my advice. Imagine someone walking into a doctor’s office. Sick as a dog. The doctor offers a diagnosis to help cure the patient. If the patient ignores the advice, the patient is a fool to blame the doctor, or medicine, for their sickness. The doctor knows their gig. Medicine is unfailing. Obviously, the patient ignored good, health-promoting advice, so naturally, sickness persists in their being.

Imagine if the patient walks back into the doctor’s office and says, “I am still sick, but I did not follow your prescription.” The doctor looks at you like you just got off of the Weirdmobile, from Mars. Of course, you’re still sick; you did not follow sound medical advice from an experienced doctor. DUH!

Ditto for bloggers. Follow sound advice from generous, genuine energy. You will not need to ask the traffic or profits question again because you have the answer, you act on the answer and obviously, success is on the way. Success is imminent. Just see the journey through. You can do it. You can and will succeed but the challenge is in doing uncomfortable things from time to time – that we all need to do – in order to make your blogging traffic and profits swing sweet music.

Trust top bloggers. Pros have serious experience; often, thousands of more hours in the cyber trenches, then you have. Pro advice is good money. Simple, basic and powerful in most cases, too. Listen. Process. Follow their advice. See the journey through. Stop looking for short cuts or other BS strategies. Good things take time and generous effort, to allow success to flow your way.


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