How Do You Gain Blogging Recognition?

Give recognition.

Whatever you desire, give. Give freely, receive easily. This basic law of life does wonders for your blogging campaign. But most bloggers get so lost in their own fears, greed, and desperation that they think inward, only about themselves, versus thinking outward, about other bloggers. Trying to get before you give always leads to failure because gaining happens after you give. Gotta give before ya get. Be generous. Blogging is generous with you.

How Do You Gain Blogging Recognition

But thinking inward, you try to get-gain recognition through manipulative means. Maybe publish a post on your blog. Then, try to do all you can through writing and promoting the post to squeeze as much success through the offering. Meanwhile, cats like me are guest posting for 5 or more bloggers daily. I give many of my blogging buddies pubs by promoting them, endorsing them and by giving them serious clout, via testimonials. What happens? All that sweet pub I give to bloggers fortifies our bonds. In no time, my blogging buddies give me recognition in return by promoting me, noting me and spreading my word.

Imagine a retweet here, a Facebook Share there and a blog mention, a guest post mention, and a podcast interview. Sound good? All flows to you if you give bloggers love, shouting them out via your blog, podcast, videos, and guest posts. Never think inward; unless you want to publish a cyber diary for a chorus of crickets. Crickets, it turns out, are poor readers. Never spend a dime. Cheapskates.

But helping fellow bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs, by promoting them on social media and by noting them on your blog simply builds bonds with bloggers that lead to all types of sweet success over the long haul. In essence, you just give publicity to fellow bloggers who give publicity to you. Networking thing. Most successful bloggers – and entrepreneurs – explain how smart, prospering business people build huge, loyal friend networks, and all other bloggers struggle or see mediocre success.

Make friends. Make your life easier. Being generous opens the door.

On the flip side, lone wolf bloggers trying to do it all solo slam into resistance. One meat suit can only do so much. But a loyal army of friends takes you to heights you could never see, even on your tippy-toes. Friends do things you can never do alone because as I always say, 1000 is greater than 1. 1000 blogger’s efforts beat your singular efforts. Imagine 10 blogging buddies promoting your latest blog post, to 10 more bloggers, to 10 more bloggers. Far from being viral, this slow, organic drip slowly but steadily exposes you to an increasing network, expanding your sphere of influence. Recognition builds. Of course, only because you gave those first 10 blogging buddies recognition by promoting them to your following.

The simple way to succeed is to help as many bloggers from your niche as possible. Simple….but uncomfortable sometimes. Most of us fear to give too much attention to fellow bloggers. Competitive urges kick in. But in these moments, observe successful bloggers who build who networks of buddies through the power of generosity. Pay close attention to these folks. See how they get connected? Not through some passive channel, but by connecting themselves to fellow bloggers, by generously serving these folks.

Give bloggers pub to get pub.

Timeless strategy any blogger can use to gain recognition.


Do you feel a bit lost on how to do the blogger networking thing? Cut it out with the lame outreach, cold pitch, emails. Those suckers do not work. Focus instead on building genuine friendships with bloggers. How? Well, I wrote an eBook to guide you, of course. But it here:

13 Steps to Become an Unstoppable Networking Machine