Should You Charge Users to Access Your Blog?

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Should You Charge Users to Access Your Blog

I suggest you charge for premium products of course. But should you charge users to access your blog? Interesting question I just read on Quora. You can go in either direction. Most bloggers should not charge users to access their blogs because they don’t have the experience, valuable content and posture to make any money through a membership pricing model. Some bloggers charge from a poverty conscious, fearing energy. Like, if you charge money for every person who accesses your blog, you can pay bills. This is a terrible idea because it comes from fear and fear actions bring failure.

But if you gain full clarity in charging for your blog content, you can make a nice penny from going to the membership site route. Your choice. Your energy. I would never advise against making money but you need full clarity and knowing that your content is sensational, your network is large and loyal and you feel clear on receiving money for blog content.

Think through why you consider charging for blog content. Do you feel clear or awkward charging for blog content? Most bloggers feel unclear on charging for blog content because their blog is of a low-quality. Thin content. No connections. No real tribe. Good luck charging for content if you fear you won’t make money with it. Guess what? You will not make money with it because that’s your predominant feeling. Fear.

But if you feel the fear and clear the fear around receiving money for blog content, you can charge like a membership site and make money. Your choice. Your clarity. Before you do charge for content, be straight with yourself. Why are you doing this? Are you coming from a place of abundance, generosity and clarity? Or do you need to make money? If you need to make money you fear running out of money and of course you will make no money with this strategy. You cannot outfox your energy. You cannot bury your feelings and expect to get a different result than your feelings dictate.

I see my blog as one-stop shopping for readers. Free content? I got that covered. Blog posts, podcasts and videos aplenty on my blog. I have 100 + ebooks, audiobooks and courses for you to purchase as well. Plus I’m an Amazon Associate. My blog simply helps me  to polish my skills and increase my exposure, both necessary in boosting my overall income through my multiple streams of income.

I do have some clarity around my content but not enough to charge for it. Now would I want to charge for it. I want it out there in front of many eyeballs as possible to both help people and to increase my profits. Setting it up like a membership site would cut into my exposure which would lessen my long-term blogging profits and short term profits too. So I keep my blog free of charge. But I make money on the back end as more people see who I am, dig my skills and buy my stuff. Help people for free. Get paid. Simple.

Be honest with yourself guys. Do you want to charge for your blog to pay bills? Bad idea. But if you do feel clear, relaxed and detached about charging for your content, go for it. Your clarity will bring you success.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hey Ryan, charging for blog post is a bad idea. Now, all info is freely available online and what they can’t have with you, the’ll find elsewhere. The answer is to monetize FREE content, which is very different than demanding pay to access it.

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