What Is the Secret of Creating an Easy to Read Blog?

Write like mad. There you have it.

The secret to creating an easy to read blog is to write so regularly and to practice writing so much that you write how you speak. Reach that point and you are bound to become highly successful and of course, you will publish easy to read blog posts. Simply scan my blog. Scan this guest post. I wrote millions of words to gain confidence, clarity and to simply blog in my one of a kind, natural voice. We all have our one of a kind, natural writing voices but few bloggers practice writing enough to allow the voice to surface. Writing like mad just removes the self-conscious charge that creates stiff, terse blogs, difficult to follow.

What Is the Secret of Creating an Easy to Read Blog

I see the transition as going from forced and stiff to natural and free-flowing. But you need to write quite a bit to put in sufficient practice for rocking out your blog, and to make your blog easy to read. Follow easy to read bloggers too. Absorb their work. Be present as you read. Do you see how these pros make reading effortless for you? This is why you want to write how you speak. All of us follow the casual flow of a normal conversation so we also follow the casual flow of normal, natural writing, said writing mimicking your normal style of speaking. Write about how you speak. Allow readers to follow your work with ease.

Unfortunately, most bloggers write in a bit stiff, 3rd person tone, quite unlike how they speak. Formal writing tends to be a bit difficult to follow because you can sense the boxy, formal, forced tone of the post. I read these 3rd people, formal recounts often in many niches for making money online. Digesting such posts feels like eating cardboard sometimes. Making matters worse, the posts feel difficult to follow. I do not like putting in the substantial effort any time I read a blog post.

Write regularly. Practice writing 1000 words or more daily in a Word document to write how you speak. Delete the document after reaching your 1K for a day goal. Write and publish posts at least once weekly on your blog to practice on a public stage. Get comfortable with your writing. Write so much that you simply allow your natural thoughts to flow casually from your mind to the laptop to your WordPress back office. This is a key secret to allowing readers to follow your blog effortlessly. We resonate with someone who writes as if they are thinking, feeling and speaking in a casual, natural fashion.

NEVER try to mimic another blogger because doing so makes your work sound forced. Forced blogs make for difficult reading because you lose the genuine, free-flowing factor critical to easy to follow blogs. Be you. Blog you. Other bloggers found success by writing in their unique voice and you will discover the same truth as you practice writing daily and publish at least one post each week. Write, write and write some more. Make it easy for readers to follow your blog. Does their leg work for them by doing your writing practice leg work?


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by Ryan Biddulph
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