What Is the Best Blog Topic for You in 2020?

2020 marks a new year and new decade for all of us. I shall now cover the rare topical post today because bloggers ask me routinely; what blog topic works in 2020? I get it. You want to ride the wave. You want to profit from trends related to this new year and perhaps, a trend influencing a few years. But I have to disappoint you; no best blog topic exists based on the year alone because all best-success flows from inside of you to the outside world.

Rewind for a second; you probably observe traffic and money metrics, assess what topics net the highest traffic and profits now, and want to choose a topic based on current, 2020, traffic and income metrics, plus potential. Do not follow this horrible idea into the blogging abyss. Guaranteed, you will lose like the tens of thousands of bloggers who niche-hop or niche-chase. This strategy never works because you lose the generosity, patience and persistent you need to display in order to make the blog niche the best topic for you? Why? You are in it for the dollars, baby. You only blog to make that sweet money because your prime driver is to blog in the niche to make money online. 2020 looks like a good money making year for the niche. Awesome. But 99.99% of the time, any blogger who figures their best niche rests on spitting out big profits for other bloggers soon sees the error in their ways. Blogging money only flows to you after you have been generous, patient and persistent, and when you – guaranteed – see 0 blogging profits or a few bucks after 1-2 weeks, then 1-2 months, of blogging work, you panic because you lose your motivator, cease being generous and cease being patient.

Stingy, impatient bloggers struggle, fail, and quit. Another blogger bites the dust. This is a common theme because bloggers believe the best niche is the most profitable niche. Not true. The best niche is the niche you feel passionate about because loving your niche makes you generous, patient and persistent, all qualities leading to the biggest blogging profits and best results. Look at my blogging eBook for releasing; I had to release a niche I no longer felt passionate about to make room for a blogging niche I felt passionate about. My release helped me find the best niche for me. But perhaps I tire of this niche, losing my passion for this blogging niche today? I would then let it go because the split second I lost the passion, this niche no longer serves as the best niche for me. Everything depends on your willingness to be honest about your blogging niche and if you genuinely enjoy working the niche. If you love working the niche it will yield the best results for you because you will generously, patiently and persistently serve people in the niche, trusting the process.

The niche does not determine the best nature of the niche by spitting out numbers, at you. Nope. You determine the best blogging niche by picking a topic you deeply enjoy blogging about. Passion dictates the niche you will see the best results with but this is a long term deal; generosity, patience and persistence factor into this success process.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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