1 Tip for Being a Productive Blogger

I want to kick myself now. I had an awesome blogging idea a few moments ago, after cleaning the litter box.

I walked up stairs and told myself I would write it on Vishwajeet’s blog. Alas, I forget it. I roll with this one. Still solid. But it is not the idea I generated a few moments ago. Why did I lose the idea? I did not write it down. I did not type the idea. I did not record the idea in tangible form so off the idea went to the ethers. Someone else may pluck it and use it. No problem. But I could have snagged it if I wrote it down.

1 Tip for Being a Productive Blogger

Be Productive: Write Stuff Down

I tend to record ideas mentally quite quickly. In a few seconds or minutes, I fire up WordPress and write the idea down as a title. I usually write the post too, at that very point of idea conception. But sometimes I get a little lazy and do not write or type down the idea pronto. In those moments, I lose the idea 90% of the time. Shoot. All it takes is hopping online, logging in to WordPress and recording an idea. Or perhaps, carrying a notepad and pen. I like that. Old school.

But I need to write stuff down fast or type stuff fast to be productive because ideas behave in fleeting fashion, sprinting into and out of your mind like an Olympic runner.


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I nabbed that idea and immediately opened Word and filled a document. Ideas like this feel fun and spawn colorful analogies my readers dig. I needed to record the idea fast, moving the concept from mind to Word or paper, to allow the creative process to flow. Recalling my day on the logging truck, clinging for dear life as the trucker barreled around hair pin curves, became easy the moment I recorded the idea in tangible fashion. I produced something helpful because I nabbed the idea and made it concrete.

Producers Record

Productive bloggers who churn out content and premium offerings record ideas immediately. I see bloggers fill entire note pads with ideas; this is an abundant mindset, seizing ideas fast and making ideas tangible so you can ride the idea to completion. Once you record an idea, you have the framework for producing a blog post, eBook, online course, video or podcast. Those first few moments of writing down ideas is critical; wait too long and many ideas fade away. You will be kicking yourself unless you get all over these ideas and make ’em tangible so you can produce content swiftly.

Do Not Hesitate

I feel more in the moment daily. Time exists not. Do not hesitate, wait or delay. Record ideas, act on ideas and be the blogger you dreamed you’d be. I am no Blogging Buddha but put time and energy into managing my energy and moving out of mind, into heart, every day. Due to this heart-energy work, I do not delay. I create. I produce. Recording ideas is where the creative, productive process begins.

Keep your phone handy to dictate ideas. Carry a pen and small pad in your pocket. Or be like me; keep the Chromebook handy, fire it up, record an idea and produce.