3 More Link Juice Hacks for Even Higher Rankings- Faster!

I was surprised by the positive response I got from my last entry here on Blogwithvk. People seem genuinely interested in learning how to structure their sites for maximum ranking benefits.
So, to that end- here are 3 more link juice hacks.
These are not the depletion of my arsenal of creativity, but I’ve got to keep a trick, two or three up my sleeve, for myself 🙂

I’m sure you understand…

#1- Add Footer Links

I said in my previous post that you should add your money page to be in your menu navigation. I stand by it. It’s a great strategy. I also recommend you add it to your site’s footer.
That’s because footer links, while not as important as top navigation ones, are still valuable and PR flows through them as well.
And it can have a massive positive effect on you.
For example, if you have a site with 300 indexed pages, and you add in one footer link to your money page, that means you’ve just sent 300 new internal links to your money maker.
There’s bound to be some kind of effect and it’ll be positive because of more Page Rank=higher rankings.

In other words- a page can never have too much PR.

Here Vishwajeet has” recent posts” widget in his footer. A wise move because new posts are very weak in terms of link juice and they need all the help they can get.

Footer links

#2- Add More Internal Links per Page

This is very simple to grasp and is a very underutilized technique.
For example, let’s say a certain post on your site has Page Rank in the equivalent of 100 points.
And it has 100 links on the page which mean each link gets a 1 point share of PR. And your money page also gets one link, which earns it one point of total link equity.

Then, let’s say that you remove 3 internal links to other posts and replace them with 3 internal links to your money page.
You will end up in a situation that you’ll still have 100 links on the page, 4 of which will go to your money page.
So that is a 300% (100%+300%) increase in Page Rank.
How awesome is that?

And it makes sense you’d want to link to your important page more than once.

Pro tip: if you decide to use this tactic, make sure you follow the first anchor rule.

This means, that while Google flows PR through all internal links it only counts for ranking purposes the first one’s anchor text-so choose wisely.
That is why if you decide to put your money page in your menu (as you should) it should be keyword-rich because other links below won’t count for anchor text value (but will still pass PR).

For example, on my site, I link site-wide from the menu to my Wealthy Affiliate review. And of course, that navigation link is keyword rich.

First Anchor Rule

Because I know that internal links below the menu are worthless in an anchor text value, while still passing valuable P.R. to that page.

#3- Use Your Sitemap for SEO

By Sitemap, I mean an HTML sitemap.
And here are the steps.
First, create the page and put it on the menu. So that HTML instantly becomes another” power page”
Second, add in some content to give Google Spiders some food and to prevent it from being a page with just a list of links.
Thirdly, add your categories link. This will hand to Google your entire site for indexing purposes, and on a silver platter no less, because each post on your site is under at least one category.
Fourth add a link directly to your money page.
The point of this is to have your HTML page link to all content (through categories) while still sending the bulk of links juice to your money page.

Remember, the total value of PR is divided by links on the page.


I will leave you on a high and positive note. By structuring your site in a way so that every drop of link juice possible flows to the most important page or pages on your site:

And you can and will beat your competitors. Those who’re maybe much more authoritative than you, but their site architecture is a mess.
Let’s just hope they don’t read this article:)