3 Tips to Get Featured on Top Blogs

Getting featured on top blogs feels good because you get to help more people, gain authority, and expand your business success. Plus you get to befriend top bloggers. This is always an awesome thing because authority bloggers open prospering doors for you.

 Landing features on respected blogs is an art form. Learn this skill to gain interviews, backlinks , and guest posts on expert blogs in your niche. Becoming familiar with the fundamentals of landing on top blogs may feel uncomfortable to bloggers at first. You and I are usually taught to take care of yourself first, then to think about other people. But networking with blogging big dogs  reveals the reverse approach works best. Be generous with professional bloggers. Help them out. Earn their trust. From there, Landing features on top blogs gets easier and easier but you need to see the journey through.

3 Tips to Get Featured on Top Blogs

 Becoming a professional blogger requires you to learn how to think, feel, and act as a professional blogger. Know that success is yours. Create a vision of your dream life when you do become a professional blogger. Allow that image to energize you. I  typically have seen myself blogging from beaches in places like Fiji, Thailand, and Bali. Revisiting my vision refreshes me for my blogging workday. I keep being the blogger who generously helps people, relaxes, and trusts in the blogging process. Blogging genuinely gets easier if you maintain a calm, confident vibe but you need your clear vision intact to hold this vibe predominantly.

 Follow these three tips to get featured on top blogs.

Create Valued Content

 Creating valued content is the first step in getting featured on top blogs. Top bloggers don’t link to just anybody. These pros link to respected bloggers in their niche. Respected bloggers publish helpful content routinely. Impress expert bloggers in your niche. Publish content to your blog regularly. Make sure it is top-shelf content by solving specific problems in your niche and by inspiring readers to live their dreams. Be generous. Give freely of your time and talent to create valued content that solves reader problems.

 Expert bloggers only link to fellow bloggers who really know their stuff inside out. Publishing helpful content on your blog is the only way to show that you know your stuff. Be generous in sharing your best content through your blog. Of course, it never hurts to write and self-publish eBooks to really show off your blogging chops. Publishing valued free content and valued premium content inspires top bloggers to link to your blog, products, and services. But you only publish valued content by practicing your writing. Skilled writers publish valued content. Skilled writers become skilled by writing five hundred to a thousand words or more daily in a Word document offline to gain confidence and clarity in their writing. Put in the time in private. Shine on a public stage.

 Help Top Bloggers in Your Niche

 Help top bloggers in your niche. Befriend them. Befriending professional bloggers inspires them to feature you on their top blogs. I hesitate to use the word “networking” in this blog post title because most believe networking is telling people about what you do, not helping them in any way. Networkers try to promote their business to fellow bloggers. Bad idea. The way to catch somebody’s attention is to help them then ask for nothing in return. Smart bloggers understand being generous allows them to rocket higher in blogging circles.

 Promote other bloggers on your blog. Promote other bloggers through your social media accounts, and as you keep publishing solid content on your blog,  top bloggers will feature you. Hire them to coach you. Hire them to consult for you or to freelance for you. Be generous. Helping top bloggers and asking for nothing in return –  unless of course, you pay for a premium service or product –  is the way into their heart. Worm into their heart to befriend these professionals. Pros who trust you freely promote you on their respected blogs. This process is simple. But you do need to be persistent and trust in the process to see this journey through.

Persist and Trust

Persist in applying these strategies. Trust in the process. Getting featured on top blogs is possible, then probable then a certainty. See the journey through. Remember why you blog. Picture your vision. Imagine your dreams. Fall in love with your predominant mental picture of how you dream life to be through your blogging career. This image energizes you to be the calm, knowing blogger who sees the networking journey through from a generous energy. This is the money tip. This is the money step. Getting featured on top blogs seems tough because most bloggers have no vision. But if you have a vision of your dream life, getting featured on top blogs is a certainty because you see the journey through until you land the features.


Any blogger can get featured on respected blogs by following these three tips. The key is to properly energize yourself for this journey because it will take a while to land features on a authority blogs. Don’t worry. Good things take time and generous service. Do it the right way and not only will you become more successful but you will enjoy the relaxing, peaceful journey of befriending authority bloggers by helping these folks without expecting anything in return.

 Take your time. Revisit your fun, freeing dream vision. Seeing this image and allowing it to feel real in your mind gives you that peaceful, knowing vibe that helps you see the journey through, the right way. Believe in yourself. Know that you deserve to appear on trusted blogs. Get busy helping top bloggers generously, trust in the process and land those sugary sweet features.


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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Great post with effective tips to get featured on top blogs. I really like the tips that you have suggested.

    Getting featured on top blogs is a quite harder task but not impossible. Getting feature on top blogs is really amazing, as it helps to gain authority and
    expand the business success and will also build trust upto some limit.

    To get featured on top blogs it is really essential to create valuable content. It is truly important to focus on quality of content rather than quantity.
    But not only creating quality content is enough, whereas publishing the helpful content on regular basis is also vital. Promoting other blogger content through various social platform is also essential to get featured.

    Following the suggested tips will helps a lot to get featured on top blogs.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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