4 Tips for Crisper Blog Titles

Titles. Think of blog post titles like packaging, a sweet wrapper that entices people to learn more about blog posts.

As I promote my eBook:

6 Tips for Writing Attractive Blog Post Titles

I mention a point early on in the eBook. Readers click through based on push button, emotional nudges that quite literally, push folk’s buttons. Imagine reading this blog post title. Why did you click it? Fear of missing out on getting sweet information for creating blog post titles? Or maybe you worry about if you are writing proper blog post titles and need more information to gain clarity. My post could be that information. Either way, experiencing some emotion goaded you to click through. Remember that as we wade through this list.

Numbers Work

Blog post titles based on numbers work well. I feel folks love numbers because numbers create order in the mind. You know clearly what you’re getting. 5 tips. 4 steps. 14 reasons. Is there confusion at all? Nope. You know the numbers because the numbers are in the title. People dig it. So….add numbers to titles here and there to make your titles crisp and clear.

Say More with Less

As a rule, bloggers lack clarity. Lacking clarity may goad you to write a 15 word title versus a 5 word title. Say more, with fewer words. Add crispness to your titles. Observe the title for this post. I used about 6 words to make a point. Of course I could have used 10 words but then I lose that crisp, clean nature necessary to reel in eyeballs. Say more. With less. Snag attention spans with your blog post titles.

Appeal to Specific Reader Needs

I run a blogging tips themed blog. Every title needs to apply to the needs of my blogging tips readers in order to draw in their attention. Clarity wins again, folks. Knowing specifically who you blog for helps you write titles which appeal to these folks. The secret is to stay on topic. Never stray off title course. Do not confuse readers by writing about anything other than blogging tips, self help or whatever niche you cover. The more you stay on topic the more clearly you vibe with your specific reader base.

Study Creative Types

My friend Sue-Ann Bubacz – with whom I am releasing a fun blog hog course – is a creative type. She has vision, a vivid imagination and title ideas for eons. She picked the name for the course – How to Bling Your Blog and Feed that Hog –  so you immediately see she is someone to watch, observe and study, for increasing your creativity. Think of being like a blogging sponge. Surround yourself with creative bloggers to sponge up their creative ideas; then you find and use your own creative ideas, vibing higher, picking titles that resonate with your readers.

At the end of the day, see what sticks. Observe what works. Test specific titles and note how your readers vibe – or do not vibe – with these offerings. Ultimately, your clarity and your reader feedback gives you all you need to know, in terms of picking crisp titles that work for your readers. Filter feedback, honor intuitive nudges and become a blog post title wizard.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Great tips Ryan,
    they work. I know that when I search I click on titles that tell me what lies behind them and that promise my problems will be gone if I just click.
    Great titles are not wasted on me:)

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