Technology trends you should keep an eye on in the upcoming years

In the past half-decade, technology has developed at an alarming rate. It has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Because of everything around us improving and growing, it might be hard to keep up. You must know what could benefit you the most so that you can keep an eye out for any advancements made in that particular technology. The best article writing services may assist you in that a little bit, telling you about what’s new and trendy. Keeping all of that in mind, here are some technology trends that might prove incredibly helpful to anyone in their daily lives in the upcoming years.

 Technology trends you should keep an eye on in the upcoming years

The fall of manual labor – automation

Automation is basically the assigning of basic manual labor to machines. This means boring, repetitive tasks that consume valuable labor, such as stamping and processing applications Automation has made its way into almost every industry in one way or another, due to its endless applications.

To further elaborate, an example of this would be how in movies and TV shows, factories have conveyer belts attached to machines and people are standing in a row working on something as it passes by them on the belt. It’s a pretty boring and repetitive task, right? Those are called assembly lines, and it is one aspect of business that can very easily change and be controlled by automated robots.

It’s jobs like this that machines can now easily take from humans due to the amazing power of automation.

  • Manual labor will lessen substantially if automation becomes more popular with businesses.
  • New businesses find it easier to invest once in machines than to hire people to do these tasks, so that’s another reason for the popularity that it is gaining.

5g is the new wave!

5g technology provides a wide range of features that can be helpful to people of any age group. While it may be seen as a bit of a gamble due to being pricier than currently available services, it will bring about a revolutionary change to the tech world overall. It will bring about changes such as the seamless application of the Internet of Things (IoT). This will be the foundation for a lot of other technologies to improve themselves.

  • 5g will be a huge upgrade from 4g, due to the amazing coverage and speed.
  • On conducting speed tests, 5g speed has been recorded as 1.4Gbps in Chicago, while the UK has also released its first-ever 5g phone – the OnePlus 7 Pro 5g.

It will not only help with this, but real-world issues such as healthcare in rural areas will also improve significantly due to the improved connectivity for them to the urban areas through 5g.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over

It’s no secret that AI is everywhere. From the GPS in your car to the virtual assistant on your phone, we take it with us wherever we go. Our dependency on it might already seem like too much, but brace yourselves – there is more to come. It is said that by 2020, Artificial Intelligence will make its way into nearly everything that is so far untouched by it. It gives machines a brain, which is several times more efficient than a normal human brain due to its unnatural power of processing things instantly. Technologies like automation are becoming more and more common, and if you want to keep up, you might want to keep an eye on the upcoming trends for it.

  • It is giving birth to technologies such as machine learning. This can be explained through the example of androids. They learn through repeated behaviors, without having to be constantly programmed to do new things – this is where people’s fear of robots taking over the world originally roots from.

Augmented Reality (AR)

While it is quite similar to virtual reality, you don’t want to confuse the two. While they are similar, VR means the creation of a virtual world where nothing is real. Augmented reality, however, only alters certain already existing elements in the real world, adding new information on top of them. It’s like if animation got a huge upgrade and made its way into our daily lives. For example, before buying something online, like a dress, you would be able to see how it looks on you. Of course, it will just be an image creative through recognition-based AR, but through your phone or some other device, it will seem as if you’re wearing it in real-time! Following are the two major types of AR:

  • Projection-based AR: It creates projections based on real images. These projections are 3-dimensional and show every bit of detail as the real thing.
  • Recognition based AR: It recognizes the information fed to it, usually visual, and then processes it to create an output. Basic examples of this would be online shopping or barcodes.

Blockchain will keep you safe

Different con artists on the internet love to play around with new technology like this because people don’t know a lot about it, which makes everyone gullible. It leaves their data unprotected, and people can easily fool them by creating more hype and less tangible substance, which means a lot of empty promises when it comes to the services that will be provided. This means ads such as “Earn money quick!” that rope people into things they will not be getting. Blockchain will prevent that from happening. No more viruses from annoying ads that will destroy your data or allow people to hack into your system!

  • Say goodbye to annoying fake ads
  • Trustworthy and practical uses with substance will now be available


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