4 Tips for Determining if a Comment Is Spam

Spam comments: the enemy of all bloggers. I closed comments on Blogging From Paradise because the ratio of legit to spam comments on my blog made keeping comments open a foolish, time-wasting idea. But before closing, I separated 11,000 legit comments from well over 100,000 spam comments. The ratio tilted more in spam’s favor before shutting down commenting; for every 1 legit comment, I received 50 or more spam comments.

4 Tips for Determining if a Comment Is Spam

Separating the legit comment wheat from the spammy chaf takes some time. Not knowing how to spot spam can take up huge chunks of your time, frustrating you in the process. Let’s get you on the right spam-spotting track, shall we?

How can you determine if a comment is a spam? Follow these tips.

1: Respect How Spam Spotting Is a Fine Art Requiring Practice

Guys; we all get duped as new bloggers desperate for comments. I included. I approved generic comments a decade ago because any comment beat no comments in my newbie’s eyes. I woke up eventually. Spotting spam required practice, experience, and a willingness to approve only legitimate comments adding valuable content to blog posts. Relax. Be patient. Practice spotting spam red flags. Develop this fine art through trial, error, patience, and experience.

2: Beware Generic Comments

Beware generic comments noting no specific point made in posts, like:

Hey; you did a great job with this post!

See how the blogger did not mention any point made in the blog post? He or she spams generic comments on as many blogs as possible, copying and pasting the same generic comments in 1-2 seconds per blog post. Spam or trash comments adding no specific points fleshed out from the post itself. Spam is value-less, generic drivel. Ensure commentators make a clear point obviously proving that they read the post, adding value to your blog.

3: Beware Off Topic Comments

Some bloggers ask me questions 100% unrelated to blog posts. For example, I have published blog posts on how to comment effectively and bloggers add the comment:

Hey, how do I get my blog approved for Adsense?

Since I never mentioned Adsense in the blog commenting the themed post, I label the comment as spam and trash it. Genuine, honest bloggers ask such questions but anything completely off topic is spam. I may or may not email the individual with a link to solve their problem but it depends on how busy I am that day. Note; if you have questions not related to blog posts, simply email the blogger or ask via social media. Better yet; use the search bar on their blog or type in “blog name + keyword or search term” to find blog posts answering your question.

4: Beware Bloggers Promoting Their Business Opportunities

Imagine someone reads a blog post I wrote about driving blog traffic and he-she writes this comment:

Hi Ryan,

I agree with all of your traffic driving tips. Guest posting is my favorite strategy, by far. I build bonds and gain guest posting invites, just like you. Well done. I also offer a guest posting service, if any of your readers are interested.

Once again, this is spam because I charge people money to advertise their business on my blog. I offer sponsored posts and guest post premium services to advertise your business on my blog because I am a businessman. I understand the worth of your business appearing on my blog, in addition to the traffic and potential business sales flowing your way, through your guest post or sponsored post. Some spammer mentioning their business through a comment tries to advertise their business on my blog for free. Not gonna happen.


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by Ryan Biddulph
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  1. Hello sir,
    Once again an eye opening post indeed. However the blog commenting issue seems to be minor but the importance is ultimately huge. Every blogger should mind these 4 comment determination tips.

    Raksha Kumawat


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