Believe in Yourself and Keep Helping People

I follow 2 clear steps to be a happy, abundant-feeling blogger.

I believe in myself.

I keep helping people.

Take today.

I move forward feeling clear and confident in my success. Plus I am having fun writing which feels easy to me. If everything feels easy, and you do not move in tense, hard work, strained fashion, you emit a confident, trusting vibe. You know success is yours. Awesome.

But with that belief comes the idea of helping people. Even if you believed 100% in yourself and in your blogging abilities, belief alone does not make you successful. Helping people with a full belief in self promotes your success.

 Believe in Yourself and Keep Helping People

I published a number of posts on my blog and also published a collection of guest posts on other blogs because helping people seems to be working well for me. Mainly because the more I give, the more I trust in the creative process. The more I trust, the more I become detached from any set outcomes. The more detached I become, the more I give, and the more I give and help people, the more exposure I receive.

Most Bloggers Have Exposure Problems Because…..

….most bloggers do not believe in self and most bloggers refuse to help people generously and persistently.

Most bloggers believe guest posting is a waste of time because they believe so little in self that they know their guest posts will be rejected. Here begins the exposure problem. Plus when you do not believe in yourself, you will not have the confidence and abundance mindset to help other people. I dare you to try to succeed with blogging by being stingy and only thinking about your self all day long. Not gonna happen.

Imagine if before Vishwajeet invited me to guest post on his blog, I talked myself out of the opportunity because I feared I was not good enough to guest post here. No exposure through these posts. Or imagine if I believed in myself and in my writing ability but refused to submit guest posts because beyond exposure, I was not making money through direct payment for each post. Are you insane? Until you generate millions of dollars online you WILL be working for free, for a while.

I have run across many unknown bloggers who cop a prima donna attitude when it comes to working for free. Some of these dingbats will never place your guest posts unless you send them money. Or if you place the guestie, they will make it a no follow link, stripping your SEO juice. What these dodo birds fail to realize is they are blogging nobody’s from nowhere who will never gain exposure by being greedy, desperate and stingy in all that they do.

Legions of bloggers who have zero exposure either do not believe in self or believe in self but fear being generous. Naturally, nobody knows who they are, and they struggle, and fail. At least until they choose to be generous, submitting guest posts freely and promoting other bloggers freely.

Believe in yourself. Help people. Both steps are quite easy to follow if you note top bloggers. I study all the great ones and noted 2 patters; belief and generosity. These dynamos believe deeply in themselves, in their writing and in their blogs. Plus this crowd generously helps people for free to gain massive exposure.

Keep believing. Keep helping.

Gain big time exposure and enjoy serving people as you see greater blogging success.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

4 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself and Keep Helping People”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I am really impressed what you are doing with your life – Having fun while blogging, helping and inspiring other bloggers with your thoughtful content.

    And, I agree with your point of having self confidence which develops the habit of helping others and get more exposure.

    It’s great to meet bloggers like you Ryan.

  2. Hey Ryan Biddulph,

    Motivational post with helpful tips. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and truly like the points that you have mentioned. Believing in ouself is really a big thing, as it helps to build confidence and provides a positive mindset to help others. Many people are having a negative mindset that guest post is a waste of time, whereas Guestposting improves the writing abilities and allows to get connect with other great bloggers, whereas guestposting also build strong connection.

    Really helpful and motivational post. Thanks for sharing.

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