Lose Your Poverty Consciousness to Move Higher in Blogging Circles

Sometimes I write a 600 word blogging tips post, send it to a blogger – for free – and ask for them to email me the link when it is live, and the blogger responds with poverty conscious requests.

Someone just told me they would make the links No Follow – no worries for me since I care less about SEO – and then, the blogger asked me, “What’s in it for me?”

Lose Your Poverty Consciousness to Move Higher in Blogging Circles

The blogger is unknown. I had never heard of them. Awesome dude, but in the same breath, emitting a poverty conscious vibe. If they did not think like a poverty conscious blogger they would:

  • be well known
  • be more successful
  • be grateful for my guest post
  • be grateful for free, passive traffic through my guest post
  • be grateful for aligning with me and my brand
  • be grateful for aligning with someone who appeared on world famous sites

I am basically nobody from nowhere. But I am generous and open ample doors for many new, struggling and unknown bloggers. As a rule, new, struggling and unknown bloggers think like broke people because they are filled with fear, doubts, and all manner of struggling energies.

In order to see blogging success you need to stop thinking like a broke person and begin thinking like a wealthy, abundant, prospering person. You cannot move higher in blogging circles by:

  • lacking gratitude for gifts offered to you
  • trying to drive hard bargains

I have no interest in gaining a Do-Follow link but automatically stripping my Do-Follow and making it a No Follow – when they should be appreciative, grateful for free, passive content, and, trying to impress someone who has a following and name – reeks of amateur hour, and poverty conscious, lack and limitation, rookie energy. Of course I won’t submit a guest post to them ever again. I was 3 seconds away from publishing the post on my blog immediately and telling them not to place the post, because their lack of gratitude pissed me off.

Anyway guys; if you want to be a successful blogger, leave behind your poverty conscious, broke joke thinking and be grateful for gifts at your blogging feet. My 600 word blogging tips post is 100% free, 100% passive traffic for you. Be grateful, not an ingrate! Also do your best to impress bloggers who have large, loyal communities and a good name, because you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Well known bloggers can open successful doors for you quickly and just as far, can close doors by dissolving your relationship.

I get it guys. Many new bloggers or up and comers have no idea how to network properly. But every blogger knows how to treat people with gratitude, respect, generosity and kindness.

Be appreciative for your success. Be appreciate when someone helps you. Get to know fellow bloggers. Respect their success, stature and clout. These people are where you want to be. Versus trying to squeeze as much as possible from these folks, trying to shrewdly bargain with them, be humble, be grateful, and learn from these pros how to interact effectively with and how to befriend established, pro bloggers.

Even if you appear to be struggling a simple move toward being prosperity conscious, grateful and humble does wonders for you and your blog. Being abundant-minded skyrockets you higher in blogging circles toward greater and greater success.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Lose Your Poverty Consciousness to Move Higher in Blogging Circles”

  1. Great tips Ryan,
    lose the poverty vibe and become a vibrational match to being successful and rich blogger.

    Your message is well received with me as I just finished listened to Steve Pavlina’s podcast “How to Achieve Goals Faster” and there he says that you need to identify what separates you from the person you want to become and that start filling in the gap by adopting new habits.
    That is called becoming a vibrational match for your intentions.
    Thanks Ryan:)

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