Blogging Is Between the Ears Not in Your Backoffice

8 PM on a Saturday night.

I napped 30 minutes ago. I felt a cold coming on. Feeling recharged a little bit, I write this guest post. Why? Why don’t I just watch Netflix and enjoy Saturday night chilling out here in Brooklyn? Technically, I earned it.

I write because blogging is 100% between the ears. By this, I mean I write because I mentally attuned myself to doing fun, freeing but sometimes uncomfortable things, to allow my dreams to come true. I never work hard. Nor do I push myself. I do not need to write a guest post on a Saturday night after a long but fun workday. Blogging for me is love, passion and fun, and quite easy too. Even though I feel these emotions, blogging also feels highly uncomfortable in specific moments. Tonight feels like one of those moments.

I feel like writing the post is quite easy, but my sore shoulders and neck, along with a cold coming on, and general fatigue, make writing right now uncomfortable. I keep doing easy even if it feels less than comfortable sometimes because I learned being generous with others even when your mind and body wants simply to take care of yourself leads to all types of fun, freedom and success. I learned this lesson from experience and from the fact that my success happens in mind, first.


As I promote my eBook: How to Commit to Your Goals 1000%

I goad you to commit fully to blogging because a mental commitment leads to an actual, physical, working commitment. Remember; blogging is between the ears.

Forget about your WordPress backoffice for a moment. Why do most bloggers struggle despite having access to all backoffice tips and practical blogging tips one could ever dream of? Most bloggers blog from a dominant energy of fear, scarcity, lack and poverty, between their ears. If your mind is filled with fear you see the world and everything in it through the prism of fear. You fear failing or even, succeeding, and decide to take Saturday and Sunday off from blogging. Or you take a week off from blogging because between the ears, in mind, you are afraid.

I may advise you to buy the above eBook, yet you fear you do not have $7 to spend on an eBook. You fear losing money. You fear spending money. Again, if you fill your find with fear, you blind yourself to success, successful bloggers, successful advice and successful premium resources you need to buy, to succeed.

I do meet bloggers halfway, running discounts on my blogging course and giving away oodles of free content.  But nothing in this world is truly free. Either pay money or generous service to *get* success. Plus, you need to pay the fear-feeling tax before you become the person who tastes sweet blogging success.

Blogging Is Mindset

The blogging work you put in depends solely on your energy, or mindset. Bloggers who fill their minds with love – not fear – generously serve readers, act abundantly and position themselves to succeed. I am not writing a guest post at 8 PM on a Saturday night after working most of the day because I filled my mind with fear. I write because I come from an energy of abundance, not scarcity.

Developing an abundance consciousness took me quite a while but the effort was worth it because I discovered blogging is in your head, and in your heart, versus being a backoffice, practical blogging tips deal. Sure you follow practical blogging strategies, but success begins in mind before you take successful action.

As within, so without, in life, and in blogging.