Do Sites Bring Visitors to Your Blog?


A website cannot do anything. Why? Websites are inanimate objects. Someone just asked me on Quora what are the best websites to bring traffic to their blog? Huh? How can a website do anything? How can Facebook do anything? Websites are not human, active, thinking, achieving things. Websites are 100% passive objects not capable of doing anything, like driving traffic and increasing profits and growing your business. Think of it this way; can Facebook do anything for you without human interaction? Nope. Facebook by itself is just lifeless, passive, there. Facebook is simply an interactive medium humans use for communicating, connecting and sharing value. Without humans, and humans interacting, Facebook is 100% worthless.

Do Sites Bring Visitors to Your Blog

The problem is most lazy, lost or completely delusional bloggers believe Facebook can actually do something for them, without their participation. This is nuts. This is madness. This is also a huge reason why so many bloggers fail. Most bloggers ask similar questions to the query I fielded a few moments ago because this lot actually believes sites can bring visitors to your blog without your work, generous service and interaction. No site can bring visitors to your blog save you, and your generous effort. Put in the effort, creating, connecting, helping people generously and trusting in the process, using sites for sharing value and connecting with folks, and you will bring visitors to your blog THROUGH these websites. The sites are there for you to use to help folks but it is only through these sites that you share value and communicate. The site itself cannot do anything and certainly cannot drive blog traffic because a website is an inanimate, lifeless object.

You can drive traffic through sites with mild automation – per my blog automation eBook – but even then, you need to be 100% committed to engaging people manually so you never fall into the trap of believing websites or tools can do the jobs that you need to do for yourself and for your readers. No tool, app or site can do anything without your skilled participation because all are inanimate objects incapable of doing anything, solo. We need humans to make tools work. We need humans to make websites sing. Even deeper, we need skilled humans who patiently practice working a website to teach us that sites are mediums or channels, and the blogger himself or herself dictates their success by driving traffic through sites but with practice and a full commitment to being a blogger.

Your practice, know-how, and skills make all the difference in using sites for increasing your blogging growth. Of course, I can be spotted on Twitter, Facebook, Quora or the Warrior Forum but I never believe that any one of these sites can actually drive traffic to my blog. Sites cannot do anything because things are incapable of acting inspired and driving traffic to your blog. Interact with people but use things through which you communicate. Never reverse the prior statement. Never use people and interact with things because you cannot interactive with a thing, and using people to accelerate your blogging success always leads to sour, spoiled ends. Good luck using people; they will see through you a mile away. Double good luck on trying to communicate with a thing, a website, a lifeless entity.

Use things aka sites through which to benefit people You do the driving of traffic and the website simply gives you the medium through which you assist people.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Ryan, excellent point. It’s not the site it’s what we DO on the websites that can drive traffic, etc. If we are authentic and offer advice to others than that will drive traffic for us. But if we spam the sites and do not hepl others, it is a waste of time.

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