Do You Need More Blogging Posture?

One point I make in my blogging posture eBook is to assess whether or not you need more blogging posture.

For example, I received an opportunity to be posturing a few moments ago. Someone emailed me pitching a guest post idea to me. I thanked them and quoted my guest posting price. The blogger replied that the price was a bit steep.

Do You Need More Blogging Posture

But their fear of losing money has nothing to do with how I run my blogging business. Like going to the doctor’s office, lawyer’s office or buying groceries at the store, all prices are final on Blogging From Paradise.

I replied to the blogger as I reply to all bloggers who fear my price is too expensive for their budget:

“All the best :)”

I worked a bit to get clear on having blogging posture. I used to barter or bargain. But I learned my lesson; trying to build a blogging business on people who fear spending money is a terrible business model. Having posture allows you to make more money because of being:

  • confident
  • clear
  • trusting

in pricing your products and services aligns you with clients and customers who pay full price without hesitating. The blogger who replied to me today sharing her fear of spending money reached out to me a few days ago. I did not reach out to her. She reached out to me, first.

That means *she* really wants to be featured on my blog. Since *she* wants to be featured and she reached out to me first, pitching me, she needs to pay my full price to land a guest post on my site.

I deeply appreciate every blogger who pitches me opportunities but only does business with bloggers who pay my full price because I run a serious blogging business. A blogger’s fear of losing/spending money has absolutely nothing to do with how I price my products and services.

Someone may fear spending money to appear on Blogging From Paradise but I am confident and clear on my pricing. I have posture. Either agree to my fixed price or simply find a better match for your budget. Nothing personal. Just business.

Have confidence in yourself. Be clear on your value. Visualize your dreams. Get busy BEING the blogger who lives your dreams right now. Have posture. Charge premium prices. Stand firm. Does a doctor negotiate pricing? Does a lawyer negotiate pricing? Do you barter every time you buy something at a grocery store? Do you barter when buying airline tickets?

Why do you barter your valued, beneficial product and service pricing when you could have posture, be firm and polite, and position yourself to build a thriving blogging business?

Follow my blog. Read my posts. Read my eBook. I am far from the most confident blogger on earth but do have strong posture when it comes to pricing. The seamless way to make money blogging is to surround yourself with clear, confident, posturing bloggers. Sponge up their confidence. Follow their lead.

Imagine charging $5 for your incredibly valuable freelancing services. But you come across one of my eBooks on Amazon and see I charge $6.99 for all of my less expensive reads.

Huh? Why do you charge $5 for doing a decent chunk of valuable work when I charge $7 for a 30-45 minute Kindle short read? Raise your rates, folks. Be generous with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Think like a serious, professional blogger. Get paid what you deserve to live your dreams through blogging.

One way to boost your posture is to be seen by more folks, giving you greater confidence. How? I discuss during a video I recorded during a trip to Thailand Overcome this common blogging block:

1 Block Handcuffing Bloggers

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Thank you for this, I’m totally new to blogging and I’m doing 2-3 blogs a day. I am going to burn out and will slow down a bit.

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