3 Ways to Establish Blogging Authority

Being seen as an authority requires paying your dues.

Some folks see me as an expert but only because I blogged for years.

But I never set out to be seen as an expert. I cannot control people’s thoughts. My reputation is what people think of me. Obviously, I cannot manipulate people into seeing me as an authority. But I can help people generously, persist, and continue to learn how to blog the right way, from professional bloggers.

3 Ways to Establish Blogging Authority

Expert bloggers position themselves to go pro because people trust authorities. Trust is the most valuable online currency.

Follow these tips to be seen as a blogging authority.

Learn from Pro Bloggers

Learn from professional bloggers. Follow the best. Learn how to blog the right way.

Pros teach to create helpful content and to build meaningful connections. SO few bloggers take this step of learning from pros; this is why few bloggers become authorities.

Follow pro blogger blogs. Buy their eBooks. Hire pros to coach you. Study professional blogger insights to allow these ideas to seep into your mind.

Everything I do now flowed from the mind of professional bloggers. Pros taught me how to blog the right way. Blogging the right way helped me become an authority in some reader’s eyes.

I winged it for a while. Bad idea. Struggles followed because I had no idea how to blog as a green, inexperienced newbie, 10 years ago. Following professional advice smoothed out my blogging journey. Learning from pros gave me confidence. I knew I took the right blogging steps to go pro.

Do the same to establish your Blogging authority.

Create and Connect

I spend my blogging day creating and connecting. That’s it. Nothing fancy going on here. Nothing complex. I publish helpful:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

and that’s that.

Pros publish helpful content to prove they know their stuff. Gain trust by helping people for free. See yourself as being a teacher. But you teach for free for a while. Eventually, you teach for pay because your skills, exposure and credibility prosper you.

Get busy helping people to be seen as an expert. The more you help people, the better because skilled bloggers with massive exposure and rock-solid credibility become authorities in their blogging niche.

Connect with pro bloggers in your niche.

  • comment genuinely on their blogs
  • promote pros on your blog
  • promote pros through Twitter
  • promote pros through Facebook

Help top bloggers in your niche. Ask for nothing in return. Allow friendships to grow organically. Pro bloggers establish your authority as their trusting tribes discover you through their generous promotion.

Time for a video break.

During one of my trips to Thailand I discussed why quality and relevance are two prime link building factors.

Watch the video here:

1 Minute Video: 2 Critical Link-Building Factors

Be Patient

This is the difference-maker. Every single authority blogger learns from pros, creates, and connects and persists patiently to become experts. Short cuts do not exist in the pro blogging game.

I spent years:

  • learning from pros
  • creating helpful content
  • building connections with pros
  • persisting patiently

until people perceived me in an expert light.

I did not try to be an expert. I enjoyed helping people for a sustained period of time. Some see me as a pro’s pro but I never tried to convince anyone. I help people persistently. Everything else takes care of itself.

The patience factor weeds out most bloggers. Visualize your dreams. Remember why you blog. Blogging gets easier if you see your dreams regularly because you persist through tough times, deep fears and other obstacles if you know why you blog.

I seem to be flagging a bit today. But visualizing my dreams of circling the globe energizes me to keep blogging slowly, calmly and patiently through resistance.


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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Hey Ryan, one more amazing post. Thank for this. You are the only pro Blogger who is talking and helping tribe to grow.

    In fact due to your contribution to blogging universe, it help me to realize how to do blogging right way.

    Moreover your tips helped me connect with amazing blogging buddies like Vishwajeet, Santosh, Ankit Singla, Sumit and many more…

    We all are now very well connected with each other, sharing others work and helping tribe to grow.

    And I really appreciate the way you do Guest Blogging almost every day. Salute to your energy ??

    Thanks for spearing your knowledge. Looking forward to read more amazing post like this and would to connect, collaborate and learn with you.

    Thanks ?

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