10 Proven ways To Create Backlinks

How to create backlinks? You may hear this question in many online communities and social networking sites. To rank your site in search engines, you need to create backlinks for your blog. In this post, I am going to show you 10 proven ways to create backlinks for your blog.

Before we jump into the details on how to create backlinks? Many of you are completely new in blogging and have no idea about backlinks. So, let’s first know about the backlinks

10 proven ways to create backlinks

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks is a link that pointed to your blog or domain from other websites or blog. It denotes the search engine that your content is worthy and recommended by some good websites. If you have a good backlink score then you can rank your blog easily in search engines.

There are mainly two types of backlinks:

  • Dofollow
  • Nofollow

A dofollow link will pass the link juice to your blog. Whilst a nofollow link won’t pass the link juice to your domain. But keep it in mind that Google always counts the nofollow links as well.

So, always try to create a perfect balance of both the dofollow and nofollow links.

Now, you have clear idea about backlinks. Let’s know how to create backlinks?

How to Create Backlinks?

Backlinks plays a great role in ranking of your blog in search engines. There are a few things that you need to keep in your mind before creating backlinks for your blog. Always focus on the quality of your backlinks rather than creating 100 of junk and spam links. Here are some of the best and effective ways to create backlinks for your blog.

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the best and effective ways to create quality backlinks for your blog. Many pro bloggers are using this method to create backlinks for their blog.  However, there are a few things that need to consider before going for a guest posting.

Always choose high authority blogs and pitch them for a guest post. Make sure the blog is relevant to your niche. For example, if you are in technology niche then you can use the following keywords in Google to find relevant blogs “Technology + write for us”

Site Accepting guest posts

Here you will find some top-ranking blogs with high domain authority that are accepting guest posts on that particular niche.

You also have to check the spam score of the domain. You can use the MOZ link explorer to check the spam score of any blog. Always go with a low spam score domains to leverage the link juice. Simply enter the URL and it will show you the spam score of the blog.

Spam Score

2.  Social Networking Sites

Social media sites have a large audience base. When you create content and published it on your blog and share it on social networks. You will receive good traction for your blog post.

Social media helps you to build your brand and online presence. Search engines like Google will definitely consider it as an authority link.

To make most out of your social media you need to build up strong networking. It won’t happen overnight. Engage with other bloggers on social media. Share their content by tagging them will build a strong relationship. In return,they will also share your blog posts. For example, I have shared Larry Kim’s blog posts and in return,he shared my content on his social media profiles.

Larry kim share my post

Building relationship is very important to reap the benefits of social media. I personally follow these strategies and you can also do it.

3. Create more quality content

Content plays a great role in building natural links. You might wonder how it is possible. The answer is very simple. Let me clear this for you!

When you craft a post for your blog, you will link some articles written by other blogs right? Why? Because you think it is worth as a reference for your content and your users will love it. Having an outbound link is also good on-page SEO practice.

So, when you also produce high-quality content people will love to link it with their upcoming blog posts or even link to their existing articles. This is called natural backlinks and Google will love it. It is one of the best ways to create backlinks for your blog

4. Broken Link Building

The broken-link building method is an easiest way to create backlinks for your blog. This is a simple technique that needs your few minutes. All you need is to find a broken link on other blogs and  report broken links to the blog owner. Blog must be relevant to your niche

At the same time, suggest some links to replace them. Obviously, mention your website link with it. Since you help the webmaster by reporting their broken links, there are high chances of getting a link back to your website.

How do you find the broken links in the first place? Well, that’s easy. Find relevant websites in your niche. For example, if you have an Technology website, you search for  “technology + links” in Google.

You will need the help of a tool such as “drlinkcheck” by using this tool, you can discover all the 404-links from the particular blog.

 Broken link checker

Just contact the webmaster and provide information that he/she is linking to sources that are no longer available. This is an awesome way to get backlinks.

5. Make Internal Backlinks

You need a user-friendly website for people to love it. If people find it easy to navigate through a site, it becomes popular and people visit your blog frequently.

One of the most effective ways to do so is to build internal links. Having internal links on your blog ensures that people can find more related content on your blog easily. These inter links can direct them to the appropriate location with ease.

Always inter link your posts with each other. It will not only reduce the bounce rate but also improves the user engagement and search engines will crawl your blog easily.

6. Write Testimonials for others

Writing testimonials for others is an excellent way to earn backlinks from authority blogs. Spending a few minutes to write a quality testimonial can do your site a world of good.

Many bloggers are allowing testimonials on their page. If you know them have well bonding you can offer your testimonials for their blog or website.

Just contact them and let them know that you want to submit a testimonial for their blogs or for their services and skills. This is really a cool way to get backlinks. I personally doing this method to get backlinks from high authority blogs.

7. Participate in Roundup Posts

When your blog becomes popular you might get contacted for roundup posts. I personally have participated in many roundup posts and it helps to get some quality backlinks. It is also help you to get featured with some top bloggers in your niche.

So, if you got a chance to participate in roundup posts don’t miss this opportunity.

8. Get Interviewed

If your posts are helpful and relevant to your audience you will soon become an authority in your niche. People love to know more about you. There are many agencies and blogs are out there where they interview some successful bloggers.

Today many bloggers are doing interviews on their blog. If you know someone in your circle you can approach them. Don’t worry you will definitely get a chance to get interviewed on other blogs.

9. Web 2.0 Sites

You can also use Web2.0 sites to create backlinks for your blog. Sites like Indiblogger, Indibloghub, Bloggers, Medium are some of the popular web 2.0 sites where you can create backlinks for your blog.

You can also use these as the content syndication and it will be a win-win situation for you. You can also write separate posts and link them with your blog posts.

10. Create Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content is a link building strategy that consists of finding existing popular content online, improving it, and duplicating the backlinks.

Simply search Google for your relevant topic. For example, if you want to write a guide on Email marketing, type “Email marketing” into the search bar. The results that show up on the first page are the most popular and should have the most backlinks.

Choose any article from the first page of search results and write your own post which is 10 times better than it. You can make your article longer and more in-depth, add quality images which wasn’t covered in the ranking sites.

Your own written and improved content should soar high in rankings above the existing content on search engines.

Now, you can use a backlink checker tool like SEMrush to discover the original article’s backlinks. Once you find all of the sites which are linking to the original post, you can reach out to those site owners, introduce your improved article, and encourage them to link to your article instead.

Over to you

Backlinks definitely important to rank your site in search engine. I hope you found this helpful and gives you a clear idea on how to create backlinks. I always recommend to focus on quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity of it.

Creating one quality backlink is far better than creating 100 of junk and spam link. If you found the post useful don’t forget to share it with others.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

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  1. I learned about a new tool drlinkcheck for broken link building

    Thanks for sharing, Wayback Machine also works great for broken link building

  2. Brother Vishwajeet,

    You delivered an informative content. The 10 strategies as mentioned for creating quality backlinks sounds promising. I am following your blog for the past 4 months and I found many useful stuff here. I used to land here from your FB posts.

    My favourite link building method is GuestPost as it adds more value. Round-up Post and Interview strategies also seems interesting. Keep adding more valuable contents brother.

    • Hello Yasar,

      Guest posting is definitely one of the best and legitimate ways to build backlinks. I am happy that you like the content.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Hey Vishwajeet Kumar ,

    Great post with effective tips for creating backlinks.

    You have really done an awesome work and suggested great tips to create backlinks. Every time i gain helpful ideas and knowledge while scrolling through your blog posts.

    In blogging field backlinks are truly crucial. As it helps to improve rankings, generating more connections and also build trust upto some limits.

    Guestposting, Social networking sites, creating more quality content and participating in round up posts are an effective ways to create quality backlinks.

    As we know that content is a king and plays a vital role in generating backlinks. It is also essential to focus on quality of a content rather than
    quantity. Social networking sites also works great if used correctly and in a proper way. Social sites are really effective to increase brand awareness and
    to grow online presence. Your suggested broken link strategy, creating internal backlinks and writing testimonials also provide good benefits.

    Adopting these tips will be great helping hand and allows several users to create quality backlinks.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Vishwajeet,

    I just started doing SEO for my own website by watching relevant videos on Youtube and reading more and more about it but creating backlinks felt like a task. but after reading your informative article i just learnt about the mistakes i have been doing and things that i was lacking.

    thank you for your help.

    Keep writing.


  5. I am thinking this is the Best Strategy for my website . I will apply this method to my new website.

  6. Hi Vishwajeet,

    Great post! Although my team is aware of the process of creating backlinks, they can still learn a lot from your article. I love how you share all the tips to create backlinks, and these are the tips and methods I use myself. Thanks a lot for sharing the process in each of your methods, it will help a lot of bloggers and marketers who are just starting their efforts. I will definitely share this article with my team, and I look forward to reading more of your insightful articles in the future.

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