Why Blog for Free?

I published a few guest posts today.

Ditto for publishing posts to Blogging From Paradise.

Why would I work for free? Don’t pros get paid for all the work pros do? Absolutely not. Pros do get paid for premium products and services offered but pros worked/blogged for free – for a long time – before going pro. Professional bloggers also blog for free well into pro careers to:

  • increase skills
  • boost exposure
  • build credibility

because all business owners work for free to work for pay. Give that concept some thought.

I developed my skills by writing and publishing blog posts and guest posts for free. I used those same writing skills to write and self-publish eBooks. How do I promote those eBooks? I write and publish blog posts and guest posts for free and embed and/or link to the eBooks. Every blog post, guest post and video I publish promotes my eBooks by promoting my knowledge.

Working for free allows you to work for pay because the skills you develop, the exposure you gain and credibility you build influences people to:

  • hire you
  • buy your stuff
  • click your ads
  • pay you for ad space
  • pay you for sponsored posts

Genuinely, my blogging income grew because I helped many people for free for quite a long time. I have not come across a professional blogger who did it any other way. Pros work for free to prove that they know what they’re talking about. But most new bloggers have a tough time grasping the concept of working for free. Newbies often drive themselves to blog based on fear.

Fear clouds your mind, dissolves your vision and influences you to make foolish decisions. Fear goads you to lack generosity, patience and persistence. But only generous, patient, persistent bloggers help enough people for free for a long enough time to become professional bloggers.

Blogging for free is necessary because nobody hires you, buys your stuff, or endorses you until you prove your value, knowledge, and wisdom. Publishing free content is a direct, clear way to prove all 3 critical aspects of every successful blogger.

Why would you buy my blogging eBook? After reading some – or one – of my blog posts or guest posts, you trust that I know my blogging tips. Trusting me and my free content, you buy my eBook to access a rich, in-depth resource for solving your blogging problems.

But imagine if I wrote and self-published an eBook then tried to cram my eBook link down your throat via social media, eBook reviews on my blog, and via eBook reviews through guest posts. Some of you would buy the eBook. Many of you would not because before buying a car, most people need to take it for a test drive. Before buying my eBook, most people need to take my content, know-how, and expertise for a test drive via my free blog posts.

Credibility Builder

Blogging for free is the most powerful way to boost credibility. Be generous to take your blogging – and credibility building campaign – into overdrive. Publishing a high volume of helpful:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

polished my skills, gave me increased clarity and built up my confidence. I learned on a deeper level by teaching. Ditto for every blogger. As more people come across my blog posts, guest posts, name and brand, more bloggers vibe with my work, follow my insights and prosper me because my credibility and sphere of influence grows.

Helping people for free also detaches you from traffic and money outcomes; this is a key quality embodied by all professional bloggers because you need to feel somewhat detached to work for free for a long time.


Being detached requires you to face, feel, and release the anchor of fear. I filmed a short video to help you do this:

Why Fear Is an Anchor and How to Release It

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. I’m going to start writing career and thinking to go with – Medium, Wix , Blogger , and weebly. Nice description. Thank in advance.

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