1 Important Thing to Know About Being a Professional Blogger

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9 Things to Know About Blogging From Paradise

I think about some assumptions bloggers make. Amateur bloggers assume many things about me, from time to time. Some believe I am lucky to be a pro blogger, blogging as I circle the globe. Others believe I am naturally talented and did not need to work hard at blogging. Amateurs often feel I knew how to be a skilled blogger and wise entrepreneur 10 years ago, as a blogging newbie. None of these assumptions are true. All are lies. All are false.

Professional  blogger

The only reason I am a professional blogger who circles the globe is that I gave a “professional blogger who circles the globe” commitment for 1000’s and 1000’s of blogging hours, over the years of my life. 1 thing to know about being a professional blogger: the commitment you need to put into blogging to become a pro is EPIC.

Anybody can put in an EPIC effort. Few do. Why? Most bloggers fear to put in an EPIC effort without getting paid fast. I feel like most bloggers think, feel, and act like an employee. Amateurs want money for each blogging hour worked but blogging is not a job. Nobody pays you for each hour blogged, like an employee.

Blogging is a business. Work generously, patiently, and persistently for thousands of hours. Trust in the process.

Make a full, epic, 100% ALL IN commitment to blogging for thousands of hours. Steadily, the money comes. Always does, if you generously commit to blogging for 2000, 3000 and 10,000 hours of your life.

If you envy a professional blogger’s results, do you envy the professional blogger’s commitment? Why be jealous of their island-hopping, pro blogging lifestyle when you, too, can blog for 4000 hours before the money flows in freely? Why be jealous of someone who earned a professional blogging career when you, too, can earn the right to be a pro, through a full time, 100% commitment to blogging? Luck, natural gifts, and unearned talent had nothing to do with my pro blogging career.

Blogging for free for thousands of hours made me a pro blogger. Blogging from 10 AM to 3 AM on some days (with breaks in between) made me a pro blogger. Generously serving people made me a pro blogger.

Trusting myself and the process made me a pro blogger. I have blogged for 15,000 hours over the past 10 years of my life. If you blogged for 15,000 hours, publishing 10 or more blog posts daily would be easy for you, too.

Guys; you can do this. I believe you can and will go pro. I also believe fellow pros out there all can achieve grand, ever-expanding success. Anyone can succeed online. Simply commit to learning how to blog the right way and blog for thousands of hours before going pro to eventually become a pro blogger.

Pro bloggers EARN the right to go pro. Pro blogger PAY their blogging tuition in the form of thousands of blogging work hours. No shortcuts exist. I have not taken off a day in 5 years.

For 5 years straight, I worked many hours daily. See how lucky I am? See how I am a natural, tapping into endless, unearned talent, that a Blogging Fairy sprinkled on me, like blogging pixie dust????

In all seriousness guys; put in the time, put in the work, relax, trust the process and you will go pro. Anyone can succeed with blogging but only a select few commit 100% to blog.

What select few? The pro bloggers of the world. Be one of these future pros by putting in a pro effort now. First, you do the generous work for a sustained period of time. Later, you get paid through various income streams. That’s the pro blogger way.