How Long Should You Leave Comments Open on Blogs?

You do know I wrote an eBook on building a rocking empire on blog commenting, right?

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

I suggest commenting to build your bonds and business. At least on other blogs, of course.

But what about your blog? Keep comments open until keeping comments open becomes a nuisance, an energetic weight you need to release. But until that point, for how long should you keep comments open? Observe your readers. Study their blog commenting behavior. Let them guide you. I left comments open for months because although a few readers commented in 1-2 days after I published posts, most commented up to 1 week after posts went live. A healthy crop of readers commented 1 or more months after posts went live. Some commented over 3-5 months, post publish date. I followed my reader’s lead and kept those suckers open for up to 6 months.

How Long Should You Leave Comments Open on Blogs

But every case seems different. Some bloggers attract commentors who seem active in a week or so after posts go live. Genuine commentors, at that.

However, spammers often show up on these blogs via posts some 2-3 weeks old. See what your blog tells you. More than that, begin spotting spammer patterns. If spammers try to mostly spam posts 6 mores or older, close comments on posts older than 6 months. But if that date spans to a year or longer, close comments on posts older than a year. Every blogger needs to assess this issue on a case by case basis.

Digging deeper, perhaps you find spammers sneak quickie comments on posts published the same day. For some reason, this happened on Blogging From Paradise when I left comments open. I obviously could not close comments after 24 hours – I do not drive that type of comment volume to my blog now – so I just junked those comments and closed comments on posts 6 months or older, based on patterns I spotted. Simple observation of commentor and spammer behavior gave me all I needed to know about closing comments, time frame-wise. However, your case may be different.

Should You Close Comments Completely?

Trust your intuition on this one. Being more discerning….how do you feel about scanning, reading and responding to comments? Does going through this process feel bad? Close comments. Never do bad-feeling stuff because doing bad-feeling stuff persistently leads to bad-feeling results. Plus, if working comments waste so much of your time and provide little return, close comments immediately. I spent oodles of time, scanning comments for legit comments. For a small percentage of legit comments, I trashed a ridiculously high volume of spam.

Why waste time and energy on something that provides little return? Spend your time doing fun stuff that yields growth and persistent engagement. Trash all else. Remember your end game, too. If you obsess over getting blog comments but make 0 dollars through your blog, it is time to rethink your campaign. Some bloggers get 80-100 comments per post but struggle horribly to drive any business through their blog. Be less concerned with getting comments and focus heavily on creating, connecting and getting clear on promoting your premium offerings to increase your blogging profits.

Receiving comments can build bonds, boost engagement and increase business, but ultimately, creating content, building connections, being generous, trusting in the process and getting clear on receiving money influences how quickly your blogging business grows. Remember that as you decide when – or if – to close comments on your blog.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

9 thoughts on “How Long Should You Leave Comments Open on Blogs?”

  1. Comments hep you grow your business, but they can hinder it’s growth too.
    Depends on the amount of spam you get and whether you’re a one man team.

    I think that ideally you want to have them open to foster a sense of community on your blog, but you also need someone who’s in charge of keeping things tidy.
    There’s no one size fit all solution here…

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I keep wondering why you Comment closed on your blog. I now understand you have studied the commenting pattern, so you are avoiding spammers.

    However, I still have this feeling Comment should be left open as some genuine commenters would love to contribute.

    Cheers, Folajomi

  3. Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Excellent post with helpful information. I really like the post that

    you have made.

    Doing blog commenting is an effective way to boost engagement, build bonds and to grow business. But is is also crucial to secure the blog from spammers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and making us aware about these facts.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Ryan & Vishwajeet,

    We keep hearing about how important real relationships are in the digital age.

    In my opinion – connecting with the right people can be the difference between success and failure for your website.

    Blog comments play crucial role to connect with new and existing people.

    It works as bridge for both, but now-a-days, spammer are also growing fast they leave meaning less comment on blogs.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  5. Hey Ryan,
    Blog commenting is a big engagement tool. But this is true from folks who mean to be real. Unfortunately, over 75% of commentators are uninformed backlink mongers and that makes the whole thing sad.

    Recently, I got commentluv re-enabled on my blog and commenting went through the roof. The sad thing is very few of them make reasonable input. These are mostly from my regular readers.

    Just as you mentioned, we should go for what works for our different communities.

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