What Is the Biggest Benefit of Passive Income?

Freedom wins. No matter why you blog, freedom wins as your ultimate goal. Humans crave freedom. Even if you appear to be bound by fear, freedom still waits for you on the other side of fear. Wise bloggers make freedom their chief intent. Everybody else chases imaginary numbers, to their blogging peril.

Passive blogging income frees you from sitting behind a laptop for 15 hours daily just to make money. Imagine selling 100 plus eBooks like myself. I made increasing passive income my chief intent because passive income frees me to circle the globe. I make money while I sleep. I make money while I travel. I make money while I work. Anyone can buy any of my 100 plus eBooks anywhere on earth at any time. Do you see why driving passive blogging income frees you fabulously? No longer do you need to be sitting by a laptop to make money online.

What Is the Biggest Benefit of Passive Income

I do respect how some bloggers love coaching. Follow your passion, always. But think through the binding, limiting the nature of being a coach. Clients need to speak to you at specific times. Instantly, your freedom factor drops, because you need to sit in front of a computer at a specific time to actually make money. Trading time for money seems a little similar to working a job because you need to sit down at a set time – even if you choose the time – to earn profits. Active income via coaching, consulting and freelancing have some serious drawbacks. But digging deeper, observe the downside of running a thriving consulting business. Sure, money is good. But NEEDING to sit in front of a laptop for 14 hours daily to earn that money – trading a lot of time for a decent chunk of money – is not good at all. I view active income as being a poor way to earn money online because you trade precious time for money. Plus, you NEED to sit by a laptop for a specific, set period of time to earn the money. Sounds a little too much like a job to me, thank you. I prefer freedom.

For example, while a coach needs to sit by a laptop to coach clients from 8 AM to 4 PM daily, bloggers building their business solely on passive income can earn – and do earn – around the clock, and no limit exists to their earnings. Sure you need to work your tail off to earn money passively around the clock but the freedom of making money while you sleep, while you work and while out to eat with your family, dwarves the binding nature of trading time for money as a coach, consultant or freelancer. If you need to be in a specific spot for a set period of time to make money, you have not unlimited freedom. But passive income focused bloggers possess unlimited freedom because money can flow to them around the clock, even if the blogger is sleeping or traveling or exercising. Doesn’t that sound freeing? Heck yeah, it does.

The cost involves working your tail off for hundreds to thousands of hours to establish steady passive income flow. Expect to create and connect for years to experience passive income around the clock. But always keep freedom in mind before building your income channels. Err toward a heavy passive income model. Free yourself.


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7 thoughts on “What Is the Biggest Benefit of Passive Income?”

  1. Hey Ryan &Viswa,
    I agree with freedom. This is the reason for starting my job when I am getting a decent wage according to my merits.
    We have been asked to adjust and settle each time when we are thinking out of the box. Life is all about the choices we make. Passive income allows you to explore life instead of surviving .
    But passive income is not as easy as it sounds . So a blogger needs to comprehend the blogging journey and take according actions .cheers

  2. Hello Ryan & Vishwajeet,

    A full-time employee is expected to report to work on a specific number of hours daily.

    In my opinion – with passive income, it can give you an additional stream to earn money because you can make your ways towards financial freedom depending on how diverse your portfolio is.

    Earning passive income may take amount of time for your money to grow and requires a lot of research, hard work and experiment as Ryan is doing.

    You know now-a-days, passive income is attractive because it frees up your time so you can focus on the things you actually enjoy.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar Kumar

  3. Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Great post. Passive income provide us several benefits, As it provide us flexibility ad there is no time boundation, and it also allows us to earn unlimited money depending upon our experience and knowledge. It also helps us to earn good income while we are working. It is really vital to focus on freedom before creating income channel.

    But it is also important that our hard works and skills really matters for earning good passive income. And if we want to generate good passive income then having a knowledge, skills and a hard-works are truly crucial.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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