How to Boost Your Email Open Rate

I do not actively build an email list but do send my list updates 1-2 times weekly.

A few moments ago I noted 30 people opened my latest email within 25 minutes of publishing the update. My list is tiny so this number rocks, big time. I was even a bit stunned to see it. I rarely check metrics but figured, this was worth writing about.

Light bulb moment; if you build lists I will share how to boost your email open rate.

People who open emails tend to click links or at least visit your blog to read posts. Traffic, profits, and all that good stuff flows to bloggers who goad readers to open their emails.

How to Boost Your Email Open Rate

Release mental blocks to increasing your email open rate. Blogger obsess over metrics, industry norms and other comparisons, filling their minds with lack, limitation and struggle. Infinite potential exists. Let go an obsession with email metrics to open up your mind, to blog generously, to feel abundant and to steadily increase your email opens.

I will jog my memory to detail why people opened my latest email quickly.

1: Build Trust through Value

I scanned folks who opened my email. Virtually all of them followed my blog and enjoyed my posts, videos and podcasts for months or years. My high open rate just mirrors back how readers trust me and my content. People trust me because I shared valuable content for a while, allowing my credibility to grow.

Publish free, valuable content. Help people. Be generous. Folks who join your list will eagerly await and open your emails, boosting your open rate.

2: Create Intriguing Subject Lines

I asked my subscribers: What Should You Do to Grow a Slow Blogging Business?

Sounds interesting, right? Boom! People opened it quickly and easily. Many bloggers have a problem growing their blogging business. Bloggers experience slow business. I posed a question that people want answered because many bloggers suffer from slow business.

Adding questions or some mystery can help for increasing opens. Make sure you craft honest, genuine subject lines. You better deliver on the email, too.

3: Deliver on the Subject-Promise

Every email subject line makes a promise.

Every email body better deliver on the promise.

A nice-sized group of people clicked on my email to open it fast because I delivered helpful content on my subject line promise in the past. People opened past emails and enjoyed how my content matched my subject line, so people open future emails, too.

Follow up on your intriguing subject line with intriguing content. Give people a reason to keep opening your emails.

4: Get to the Point

I do get that we have different email styles but more than ever, you better get to the point to boost email opens.

I share 1 sentence and the post link to facilitate email opens because we live in a microwave culture. People want everything yesterday. Readers use Push notifications more than ever, doing away with opening emails and reading text, simply getting a notification on their phone, clicking and instantly reading your post directly from your blog.

Move away from 600 or 1000 word emails unless text-only is your delivery. If you include a link to a blog post, video or podcast, keep it short and sweet. Respect reader’s time to increase opens for future emails.


Increasing your email open rate is simple if you get clear on your intent.

Stay on topic. Tackle pressing issues to intrigue readers. Delver with valuable content. Get to the point.

Boost your email open rate and grow your blogging business.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. Fantastic article Ryan. I do a blogger outreach a lot, and track those emails too. I have realized one thing, Subject matters a lot.

    That’s the face of email, other than than I also noticed that a shorter emails performs better and get replies to the best.. Though I stopped following any particular templates, I know it saves time. But, won’t convert! We need to touch the soul and every individuals are different. 🙁

    Thanks for the valuable tips

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