How to Create Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify

If you are operating an eCommerce store then you might aware of shopping cart abandonment. It will drastically impact your business. Do you know you can lure your visitors with Spin to Win campaigns? This is a great way to increase sales and conversions. In this post, I am going to show you how to create Spin to Win campaigns in Woocommerce and Shopify.

What is Spin to Win campaigns?

Spin to win campaign is a discount coupon wheel which adds gamification to your website. Your users play a game to win discounts, unlock special offers, or access downloads and many other excited offers provided by you.

Now let’s check how to create Spin to Win campaigns to your WordPress or Shopify sites? To do this you need to follow some simple steps.

1. Install and Activate OptinMonster


To add spin to win wheel you need to sign up with OptinMonster. Click here to sign up with OptinMonster. It is a great tool that helps you to create professionally designed opt-in forms, Sign up forms, landing pages, etc with just a few clicks.

You need to buy their Growth plan in order to receive the features of spin to win. After sign up, you need to install and activate the free OptinMonster plugin on your WordPress website. To do this login to your WordPress and click the plugin option. Now in search option type OptinMonster. Here you can install and activate the plugin.

add optinmonster plugin

Now, you have to connect your plugin with your OptinMonster account. It can be done in very simple steps just click the connect button and get started.

2. Create a Spin to Win Campaign

After connecting your WordPress store  to your OptinMonster account, you need to click on the ‘Create New Campaign’ button to create your first spin to win optin.

It will take you to the OptinMonster website.  Here, you need to choose the “Fullscreen” as your campaign type from the available campaigns

Now select a campaign template. You can select some predefined Wheel templates to create your ‘spin to win’ campaign.

Here you can change your campaign design, colors, fonts, etc. Simply point and click on any item to edit its appearance and make changes as per your needs.

After that you need to click on the ‘Edit Wheel Sections’ button to edit the values of the coupon wheel sections. Here you can add your coupon codes and other exciting offers to the wheel. You can select whether or not each option has a chance of winning. When you turn an option off or on, the win percentages will be automatically recalculated.

3. Choose When to show the spin to win campaigns

When you have setup the campaigns now its time to show the spin to win campaigns to your users. You can select the ‘Display Rules’ tab in the OptinMonster dashboard. From where you can select different display rules for your campaign.

You can use exit-intent ruleset to start the spinner campaign when a user is about to leave your website. Alternatively, you can also show it after few seconds when users landed on your website.

4. Add Spin to Win to Your Website

Now when you have already set up the spin to win a campaign for your website. Before adding it on your website make sure you have saved and published your campaign. Don’t worry, you can edit it later.

That’s it it will automatically add the spin to win wheel on your website. Just clear your browsers cache and visit your website. You will see the campaign start appearing as per your choice.

Over to you

I hope you found this post helpful. Spin to win campaigns are a great way to increase conversions and sales on your website. So, What are waiting for just install it on your WordPress website and see the magic happens? Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.