How a Company Improves Their Blog Traffic Proportionally

Are you looking for boosting blog traffic? Don’t stress about traffic, it isn’t too hard, and there’s no compelling reason to rehash an already solved problem. In this guide, we’ll share techniques to boost your blog’s traffic.

 We’ll jump into the blog traffic methodologies and contextual  research in one moment, however before we do, how about we quickly spread the nuts and bolts of traffic boost…

When you comprehend these basic realities, you will never again be threatened by online journals with huge amounts of traffic. Rather, you’ll be equipped with the ability to snatch that traffic for yourself.

How a company improves their blog traffic proportionally

There are two things that can boost blog’s traffic:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Sponsored traffic

1.  Organic Traffic

The word “organic traffic” is utilized for alluding to the guests that land on your site because of unpaid query items. Organic traffic is something contrary to paid traffic, which characterizes the visits created by paid promotions. Guests who are viewed as organic discover your site in the wake of utilizing an internet searcher like Google, so they are not “alluded” by some other site.

The most effortless approach to build the organic traffic of your site is to distribute quality and important content on your blog consistently.

Organic Traffic also comes from direct traffic. Direct traffic implies all clients who have entered the URL of a site straightforwardly into their search bar. Direct traffic also includes users who reach your site from email links.

7 Excellent ways to boost blog’s organic traffic

  • Comprehend your targeted audience.

One snappy and simple approach to perceive what individuals are looking for is to begin composing your keyword into the question enclose any web crawler like Google and see what different terms spring up.

Internet forums are an incredible spot for you to find out about what your intended audience needs to know.

  • Write well-researched content.

Things that have to keep in mind for well-researched content:

  1. Content should be user-friendly.
  2. Content should be of such type in which topic is completely explained.
  3. It must be point to point.
  4. Content is based on fact and figures.
  5. Topic is described by using examples.
  6. Content should be grammatically correct and written in fluent English.
  7. Content should be written after the deep research on respective topic.
  • Do keyword research for more traffic

Keyword research is the way toward finding and investigating genuine pursuit terms that individuals go into web search tools.

Keyword with high volume and low SEO difficulty is also a good practice for keyword research.

Search intent is the major factor of keyword research. Search intent is the intention of the user when typing a query into a search engine.

  • Complete Onpage Seo

On-page SEO is the act of improving individual pages so as to rank higher and acquire relevant traffic. As we know that it includes title, meta description, tags. Selecting high volume and low Seo difficulty keyword is also a necessary step for Onpage Seo.

Onpage Seo not only affects your Google ranking but also affects the overall Seo of the website.

  • Strong Link building (Internal linking and backlinks)

Link building is the path toward acquiring hyperlinks from various destinations to your own.

Internal linking of pages improves the user engagement on the website and also improves the bounce rate.

Backlinks  are the hyperlinks from different sites to your own. It not only empowers the Domain authority but also boost the website traffic.

Guest post method, Competitor backlinks analysis, Broken link building technique, Link roundups, Skyscraper technique are the various technique can be used for building backlinks.

  • Do Social share

Social search has made it simpler for organizations to find out about their intended interest group through the remarks, the pages they like, and their interests.

Through web-based search you can find out about your intended interest groups socioeconomics, geographic area, instruction level, and other data that will assist you with growing more focused on campaigns.

  • Feedback from audience

Feedback from the audience always helps to improve the website and let the website owner know about the intent of user about their experience on the website. Interaction with users and solving their issues/problems helps to boost the traffic of website.

2. Sponsored traffic

Sponsored traffic is the traffic that you get when you paid for it. The objective of paid traffic is to acquire clients at break-even or better. It boosts the website traffic exponentially. Various types of sponsored traffic are:

  1. Display ads – Website can display their ads on other websites or through Google Adsense. A website can display their ads on Youtube on popular channels before playing any video. A website can display their ads on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, and many more. The website can also display their ads on Google search on a particular keyword through Google Adwords to boost their traffic.
  2. Sponsored content – Any website can display their contents on popular websites by paying some amount to it.
  3. Sponsored links – Sponsored hyperlinks can be created on different sites that point to your own. This is a popular method to boost their traffic.
  4. Influencer marketing – Where a social media influencer promotes your product or brand for its audience.

Pros of sponsored traffic:

  1. It helps you to reach the targeted audience that you had not reached by organic traffic.
  2. Advantages of paid traffic are the ways that it’s for all intents and purposes prompt.
  3. Major advantage of sponsored traffic is that it can start boosting your traffic from the same day.

Cons of sponsored traffic:

  1. It cost lots of money and no one assured you that you will get as much traffic as desired.
  2. It is not compulsory that when a user comes to your site definitely buy your product or services.
  3. If your website is not user-friendly or not Seo optimized then, sponsored traffic will become your greatest disadvantage. People definitely come to your site but due to bad user experience, they instantly leave your site and the bounce rate will increase for your site which causes lower Google ranking.

by Deepak Mourya
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