How to Get Unstuck with Your Blog

Do you feel stuck?

I rarely feel this energy-momentum these days. You know. The feeling of being stuck in blogging quicksand. Or the feeling of being glued to the blogging ground. Being stuck feels crippling because no matter what, you cannot charge forward and blog successfully. At least it feels that way. But something fun and freeing happen the moment you see; you are the source of both getting stuck and moving forward. Micro-style, I will give you a little example of this truth from a few moments ago. I felt stuck for a few minutes. Tomorrow is Christmas here in the States. I feel a little lazy at about 10 PM tonight, on Christmas Eve. Every part of me wants to just watch Netflix for a few moments and, to go to sleep, save for a little part of me that wishes to move forward to write this guest post for Vishwajeet.

I was stuck for roughly 10 minutes in a YouTube loop. I felt stuck on writing a travel blogging themed post for my blog. So I did not write it because my energetic momentum did not seem to easily flow in that direction. But the split second I realized the source of getting stuck was in my mind, everything got easier. I realized I CHOSE to feel stuck, to stop, and to keep my blogging momentum still. Making this realization, I slowly nudged forward outside of my blogging comfort zone to write this post and to leave my sedentary state.

You choose to get stuck in your mind, then you seem to be stuck in the body. Fear invades your mind. If you trust fear, you feel stuck by writer’s block, losing momentum or one of 101 excuses based on fear that you choose to cling to. But feeling fear in your mind makes it easier and easier to choose NOT to be stuck. I always see it as a personal choice. Either you surrender to fear, appear to be stuck, and step away from blogging, or you nudge into fears, feel these energies, and choose to move forward. Every blogger chooses to be stuck or chooses to move forward. Buy my eBook on how to get unstuck.   I lead off with a clear, palpable explanation of how I know what it feels like to be stuck, dead in the water like I was overcome by mud, or, sinking, in quick sand.

I also share tips for getting unstuck to allow you to move forward quickly in life, let alone, with your blog. Bloggers choose to get stuck by making excuses. Bloggers choose to move forward by releasing excuses and by facing fears. No one gets unstuck unless the blogger faces, feels and releases fears because fear is the only factor in getting stuck. Fear of running out of blog post ideas, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of wasting your time, fear of giving away too much free content and the fear of working for free and not seeing a huge financial return immediately, all commonly feed the feeling of being stuck. Nudging into these fears, feeling the fears and allowing the fears to move along allows you to move forward because you cannot be stuck when you predominantly vibe love, fun, abundance, and generosity, versus vibing fear, tension, poverty, and stinginess.