Do Blog Comments Feel Like a Fun Chat or Heavy Weight?

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Now here’s something that will make you scratch your head. I closed comments on my blog a few days ago. Why would Mr. Blog Commenting close comments on his blog? Comments felt like a heavyweight for me on my blog versus feeling like a fun chat. Scanning spam and trash folders, deleting trash and fishing for a few legit comments felt annoying and TOTALLY wasted way too much of my energy. Picture this; for the 5-10 minutes, I spent scanning and deleting thousands of spam comments I found, read and responded to 1-2 genuine comments. The terrible reward for all of that effort, right? When you see a really tiny upside and loads of downside, if you ever want to see increased blogging success, ya gotta stop doing what you’re doing in that area and move on.

Do Blog Comments Feel Like a Fun Chat or Heavy Weight

I genuinely enjoy commenting on blogs other than my own and will continue to do so but had to close comments on my blog because fun chatting, light, engaging days through comments on my blog ended weeks to months ago. Plus 1-2 folks – whom I admire – who suggested I open comments showed up to comment once every month to every two months. Hmmmmm….why did you beg me to open comments when you did not comment regularly? LOL…I love my blogging buddies but sometimes, their fear-attachments manifest through silly projections. One blogger, in particular, asked me again and again to open comments, I did, and he commented like once to twice over the many months I’ve had comments open. What happened between his 2 legit comments, over 4 months? 20,000 and more BS spam comments happened, and me wasting precious minutes to hours deleting these useless comments. Going through spam comments felt like a heavyweight 99% of the time and felt like a fun chat 1% of the time. What happens when you spend most of your time hating some aspect of blogging? Drop that activity like a hot potato, immediately. Again; I love you guys but this shows you that trusting your gut and ignoring fear-driven feedback is the way to go, every time.

What happens the moment you drop a heavy, leaden, dead weight? You make more money immediately AND you will the vacuum with fun, high energy activities. For me, that includes guest posting. I love guest posting and became more prolific the moment I closed blog comments, because all the excess time and energy I had, I devoted to writing and publishing more guest posts. Me closing blog comments benefit you….and me…..and we both win because I let go leaden, heavy, annoying activities, to make room for fun, energized beneficial activities.

Does blog commenting feel like a pain in the butt to you? Be honest guys. Nobody grows quickly by lying to themselves. Or does blog commenting feel like a fun, relaxing chat, a walk in the park? Some of my blogging buddies have so much fun commenting, scanning comments and responding, that they have to keep comments open because their energy dictates it, to be so. I had to honor my energy to let go of the old, worn-out activity and to make room for my increased blogging success through commenting.

Let it go if it feels bad.

Keep ’em open if it feels good.

Allow your intuition to guide you.