The Major Differences Between cloud, VPS and Dedicated Server

Everyone compare web hosting plans and its features while buying hosting accounts. Obviously, some of them compare web hosting companies and their technical qualities while exploring hosting solutions.

Choosing a web hosting is a big step. Every web hosting plays significant role in order to build up a brand presence over the internet. In technical tongue, web hosting is a kind of space where website files and data are stored for a certain time period. Without web hosting, undoubtedly no one is able to run website over the internet. With the help of web hosting your products and services display in front of your potential customers. This significant requirement makes web hosting more valuable.

The Major Differences Between cloud, VPS and Dedicated Server

Lots of hosting plans are made by service providers but here we will discuss and compare only three major hosting forms – VPS, cloud and dedicated, that are highly recommended by industry geeks.

When you go for buy web hosting then you have only few options because actual hosting forms are limited but companies sell them with different names. This thing may create confusion for newbies, but eventually you will have to choose one.

Comparison between Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

VPS hosting – This web hosting is a virtualized hosting solution, offers fully dedicated features and resources along with different user accounts. A VPS hosting contains its own operating system, bandwidth and RAM. This hosting form is highly popular solution among internet users and hosting geeks.

VPS is considered far better than shared solutions. A virtual private server works and act like a dedicated server also cheaper than dedicated resources. Those websites have passed the limitations of their shared plan then it is the right time to go for a separate VPS.

Each hosting form has own advantages and disadvantages. So VPS has its own pro and cons, actual benefits you get and understand when you use it but here we are briefing some sort forms.

Sometime VPS hosting causes confusion for many entrepreneurs when they search for their internet ventures. These points might reduce the confusion and push up you ahead.

  • Website speed – Hope you are aware of website speed. It is the biggest issue in share hosting plans that website taking too much time to open. In this case VPS contains quality features which speed up your website and you don’t have to share resources of VPS like space, ram and bandwidth.
  • Full Control – every user wants full control and access to their hosting account and VPS offers this thing to their respective users when they need. VPS offers full working environment like dedicated server and a use can install new software and application and configure system.
  • Flexibility – Entrepreneurs always expend their businesses and their service and product. Whenever a business grows then it increase in form of internet space. VPS contains flexibility options with full easiness and you can change bandwidth, RAM and operating system.
  • Cost Effective – Many users don’t buy hosting because of high prices but VPS hosting is not the same. This hosting form is the middle ray between shared and dedicated so it is highly affordable whenever you buy it first time or upgrade time.
  • Support – Every service provider offers 24*7 support system and its prices are included in hosting cost.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has become the most popular hosting form in past decade. Whenever you have explored the hosting options then you would have gotten the cloud suggestion from many service providers. Yes there may be emerge lots of questions when you plan the cloud, because this reliable hosting form is not older than shared or VPS.

Note – Most of Business Giants Give the Priority to the Cloud.  

The concept of cloud hosting is quite simple that the resources and features of cloud are spread through various servers and all the servers are interconnected.

  • Performance – Cloud hosting allow some features to achieve better performance. As you know cloud resources run over several servers so cloud hosting fundamentals is able to manage and reduce their loading time. Though cloud performance is considered better than shared or VPS but eventually it depend on its servers.
  • Working Freedom – As you know, this hosting form is managed, operated and controlled by its web host nevertheless you can get full accessible, easy to use options along with guide. You have full control over the hosting infrastructure, its software and applications which you don’t get with VPS.
  • Flexibility – Cloud allows flexible environment to your team so that they can share or send every document or other stuff at the same time using cloud based devices like smartphone, laptops etc.
  • Less Expensive – Fortunately, businesses never care their investment what they are looking for. Buying a cloud hosting may be the most significant way to get benefits. But I already said that product cost and its investment doesn’t matter for entrepreneurs because they are looking beyond something.

If you will set less budget and pay less to service provider then cloud infrastructure contains low quality functionality. So keep on eyes on cloud not its prices if you are true businessmen.

Dedicated Server

This form contains large space, resources and fully dedicated to single users or organization. Dedicated server packages are ideal to the website with high traffic. This hosting form is made for a single business to provide secure and stable environment.

Dedicated server undoubtedly allows for hardware customizations features, several operating systems, security options, system and server maintenance, regular backups on daily basis, and a dedicated technical support team.

Separate Product – When you choose dedicated server hosting, you get separate dedicated bandwidth, random access memory, and operating system and security assets. You don’t need to share your all services to the other users or websites. This amazing thing make dedicated hosting more favorite among internet users.

Security – you can customize, edit or change all of your software and application which are running on single server. This server allows customization environment and make changes as per their needs.

IP Address – Each dedicated server has its separate and unique IP address. It means Google consider your website as a unique platform over the internet. If you are running a game website over shared server and another user is running adult site then your gaming site is going to push down.

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