What Is the Great Blogging Mystery?

Blogging is doing simple stuff even when doing that simple stuff feels uncomfortable.

This is the great blogging mystery evading all but the most established, pro bloggers. It seemed like a mystery to me for many years. I felt blogging had to be more complex or difficult to grasp than just writing blog posts and building bonds and opening multiple streams of income. I tried to do more complex stuff, working harder and harder, making my journey more difficult. Ultimately, I failed again and again because I had yet to discover the mystery of blogging. Blogging is doing simple stuff, even when doing that simple stuff feels uncomfortable.

Money, traffic, business and clout all come with simply creating content and building bonds with other bloggers.

What Is the Great Blogging Mystery

Glaring Example

Right now, any of you awesome bloggers can write and publish a blog post. But if at this moment, I tell you to write a blog post, I can almost guarantee that 1, 5 or 100 fears and limiting beliefs arise in your mind, objecting to writing the post. You may fear that you just published a post earlier today, and you fear overwhelming or annoying your readers. Or perhaps you fear you have no good blog post ideas. Maybe you fear you are not in the mood to blog. Perhaps you fear not getting enough sleep if you need to be awake for an extra hour or two. The fears cascading into your mind by me challenging you to write a blog post now, while you sit in your comfort zone, not expecting to be challenged, are the exactly uncomfortable energies you need to face, embrace and release, in order to become a highly successful, pro blogger.

Everybody can write a blog post. Writing a blog post is simple, right? No big deal. But the fears you need face to write the darn thing can sometimes feel so uncomfortable to face that you do all you can to avoid writing the darn blog post. Meanwhile, I wrote and published 10 posts today and it is not quite 5 PM. Guess what? I had to do simple blogging things – creating and connecting – for years, sometimes when it felt scary or highly uncomfortable to create and connect, to develop the skills to be able to publish 10 posts daily. Nothing difficult or complex comes with sitting down to write a blog post. I am not talking about brain surgery, rocket science, or advanced engineering here. I am talking about sitting down to write a blog post when your ego aka mind-fear does everything it can to convince you not to write the blog post.

Blogging: simple, but sometimes, highly uncomfortable.

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What if, after reading the 6 things, your blog lacks 1 or more of these things? Do you go on the defensive, fighting for your blogging strategy? Do you feel embarrassed that you overlooked 1 or more of these elements? Each emotion is fear; fear is uncomfortable to face, embrace and release because no one enjoys facing fear. But if you do face fear and release this energy you can return to doing simple creating and connecting to accelerate your blogging success.

Blogging is not complex and truthfully, blogging is not highly difficult. But blogging gets super-uncomfortable when you need to face your fears to grow. So….face your fears, do freeing but uncomfortable things and we will see you at the blogging top.

by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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  1. What you most want is to be found where you least want to go. That’s how it is in life. And that’s how it is in blogging.
    Face your fears or recoil in despair until you die. The truth heals.
    Thanks Ryan!

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