What Is the Secret Sauce for Getting Interviewed on Top Blogs?

Develop your skills through persistent practice. I suggest writing 500 words daily offline. In a Word document. Practice in private. Shine in public.

Create helpful content persistently and generously. Stock your blog. Broadcast live. Podcast.

Network with top bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Mention these pros on your blog. Promote pros on social media.

Following the prior 3 tips increase your skills, exposure, and credibility. Skilled, credible bloggers who appear to be all over the place land interviews on top blogs. Simple process. But heck yeah, the process becomes hyper uncomfortable to honor sometimes. Let me give ya an example…..

What Is the Secret Sauce for Getting Interviewed on Top Blogs

I have published 9 posts today already and it’s only 8 PM NYC time. Seems like a lot, eh? For me, not really, folks. I publish 10 or more posts most days between Blogging From Paradise and guest posts. Toss in generous networking and you have quite the blogging day. I am like the Blogging Energizer Bunny in some blogger’s eyes. Or, a Blogging Terminator, a cyborg programmed to blog mindlessly 24-7, 365.

Alas…I am human. Human beings experience a wide range of emotions any day. We have feelings. My feelings at the moment tell me to quit blogging for the evening to enjoy dinner and Netflix with my wife. But these feelings feel like fear to me. Honoring fear is a bad idea. Fear pulls you down less successful blogging paths. What did I choose to do? Feel the uncomfortable fear manifest as laziness. Release the fear. Proceed to write and submit this guest post. Dinner shall wait! Netflix shall be put on hold! I got blogging to do!!

But facing these types of fears feels highly uncomfortable to most bloggers. Most bloggers honor fear and take the rest of the evening off. Guess what? I gobble up all interviews on famous blogs while the quitters never get featured on famous blogs.

The process of practicing, creating and connecting for 5,000 and more hours is quite simple but highly uncomfortable sometimes because you need to face, feel and release fears to gain enough exposure and credibility for landing features on well-known blogs.

Top bloggers never hand out features or guest posts like candy to little, whiny babies. We make you earn features on top blogs. For good reason; if any bum could get featured on a top blog, the blogger running the blog would instantly lose all credibility.

The top blog would become a low quality, losing blog, the moment low-quality bloggers published guest posts on said blogs or landed interviews on said blogs.

Top blog interviews need to be earned. Few bloggers wade through the countless fears we need to dive into in order to earn the right to be interviewed on famous blogs. Again; fear scares most bloggers into quitting, pronto. I have no idea how many established, pro bloggers published 9 or more posts today like I did. But then again, not too many top bloggers in the world have been featured on Forbes, Fox News, and Entrepreneur like I have. Fewer landed interviews on Virgin and contributor gigs on Positively Positive like me.

Put in a movie-worthy effort and you shall live a movie-worthy life through blogging. Practice, create, connect and trust in self and in the blogging process. Dive into fear. Or nudge a bit into the energy. Wade through these uncomfortable emotions. Gain enough skills, exposure, and credibility to be seen in a gazillion spots. Then, and only then, you will need a baseball bat to fight off all the bloggers begging to interview you for top blog features. Or something like that.


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