What You Need to Know about Guest Posting Personalities

One thing I am learning daily: every blogger I guest post for has a different personality.

This is not a positive or a negative. I enjoy writing guest posts for these wonderful folks. But in the same regard, I need to know how bloggers wish guest posts to be written, published and submitted in order to be effective with my time and to better save time of my fellow bloggers.

Guest Posting

Some bloggers require a specific featured image. Others require no specific image. Other bloggers prefer I batch submit while a few bloggers give me publishing rights. Some bloggers do some tidying up with inter linking and by adding a featured image to a guest post while others prefer to handle all formatting before going live.

In addition, you need to know different blogger personalities. I stopped guest posting for obsessed perfectionists long ago because no time of mine should be spent on unclear bloggers. I admire quality control, but when I need to jump through more hoops than a poodle in a circus just to pass the first draft test, I do not have a match. On the flip side, I ceased submitting guest posts to bloggers who published poor quality content rife with grammatical errors, typos and overall sloppiness.

In between, you find the flexible personality with few requirements. I am that guy. My personality evolved into being calm, relaxed and chill. I allow any reasonably skilled writer to post on my blog if they follow a few simple rules. Make all guest posts 600 words maximum. Cover a blogging tips topic. Share only 1 link. Add no featured image: I’ve thousands of images to share. Send the post in a Word document.

However, being flexible, my dear blogging buddies get mad flexibility in most cases. If Vishwajeet submits a 1,000 word post I publish it immediately because I know he can write so the post requires no proof-reading. I also allow more links for my blogging buddies because I trust them and reward them for their immense generosity over the years. Do you see why it pays to make friends? Blogging buddies get to post without strict rules and regulations because we trust each other and know each other.

Observe Personalities to Check for Matches

Within 10 seconds of scanning guest post guidelines, you know the blogger’s personality. Laid back types like me spot Type A perfectionists via their 25 point guest posting check lists a mile away. I respect their approach but avoid said bloggers like the plague. I write guest posts, not highly structured eBooks, for these folks.  I also spot a “Send me any post and I’ll place it!’, amateur, desperate blogger from a distance and avoid their blogs because I’m not into charity, but more, blogging philanthropy. I write guest posts to empower people.

Make sure you have a personality match but avoid being too picky or judgmental, too. I see bloggers begging for exposure in one breath, then in the next breath, turn down 20 guest posting opportunities for ridiculous reasons. Seize an open microphone when you have the opportunity. Do not be snooty or stuck up. Humble yourself, find a good guest posting match and you will be amazed at how easily like-minded bloggers find you and invite you to guest post on their blogs.

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by Ryan Biddulph
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1 thought on “What You Need to Know about Guest Posting Personalities”

  1. So true Ryan,
    some sites make it almost impossible o write for them..
    As if they have they “write for us” page just to say they have it; but in reality don’t want any extra exposure through someone else’s words.
    Of course, some requirement are necessary. You don’t want to guest post for some who accepts anything.
    That a quick way for a Google penalty.


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