Why Google AdSense is not a good Monetization Method?

Every blogger has the dream of getting approval from Google AdSense to show ads on their blog. However, many of them aren’t so lucky to get approval from them. You can also try out some best AdSense alternatives here.  In this post, I am going to show you why Google AdSense is not a good Monetization Method?

Why Google AdSense is not a good Monetization Method

Why Google AdSense is not a good Monetization Method

You might be thinking that why I am criticizing or writing this post? The answer is my years of testing and experiments with AdSense and other monetizing methods. Let’s talk to the points and show you the facts that clarify why Google AdSense is not a good monetization method.

#1. Lack of transparency in approval Process

I know that to keep the integrity of the platform Google AdSense team has made some rules and guidelines for publishers. You need to comply with these guidelines to get approval from them. However, they never told you the exact reason of disapproval even sometimes their rejection emails have no clue.

For instance, one of my Blogging friends has applied for an AdSense account. At that time he has 50+ posts with all necessary pages and quality contents. However, AdSense replied him that his site is offline. Whilst his site is operating well and anyone can visit his blog.

#2. Pays you penny

AdSense won’t work well on many niches. You will luckily receive a good amount of money from them for a single click. Many publishers take years to complete the payment threshold. I personally have faced this issue. I have generates thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks but they paid me few cents only.

If your blog belongs to low paying AdSense niches then it won’t help you to make most out of it. For me, affiliate marketing works great and that is why you won’t see AdSense ads on my blog. Here are some of the high paying AdSense niches:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Downloadable websites
  • Technology
  • Insurance

#3. No control on ads

AdSense gives you limited control over ads like you can customize its color, size, etc.. But you cannot control which type of ads you want to show on your blog. It shows irrelevant ads on your blog. Which decrease your earnings as users show no interest in it.

AdSense shows ads based on your keywords and the personalized settings from the end-user who is visiting your blog. Today users can easily understand the AdSense ads and never click your ads if your blog is based on informational purposes.

#4.  You lose a majority of your visitors

Since you don’t have the control over the AdSense ads and hence when someone landed your blog for the first time and click on the AdSense ads they will leave your site forever.  This way you lose a majority of the visitors to your blog.

#5. Your account gets suspended without any clue

You really don’t know when your AdSense account gets suspended without any clue. They sometimes don’t send you an email and you are clueless about what happened to your account. Sometimes, your competitors can click on your ads using automated clicking bots that may lead to invalid click activity and your account gets suspended.

You can appeal for reinstating of your account but 99% chances are that they reject your appeal. They never disclose the exact reasons behind the account disclosure as they want to protect their fraud detection techniques.

#6. It will slow down your website

Blogs that are using AdSense ads on them are loading very slowly. This will not only harm the user experience but also negatively impact your blog performance. AdSense ads work on javascript and when you put too many ad units then your blog speed will slow down. That impacts your blog overall performance.


Your life simply doesn’t end at Google AdSense. There are various other methods that can help you to make more money compare to Google AdSense.  Many Pro bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Ryan Biddulph, Anil Agarwal, Tom Dupuis, etc are making thousands of dollars per month through affiliate marketing, selling their eBooks and Courses.

I hope you will now understand that why AdSense is not a good monetization method. If you are serious about making money online then I would recommend you to not go with AdSense.  Try other monetization methods to unleash the power of making money online.

by Aaron
Aaron is the Owner and Author of this blog. He loves to help people to get success in their online ventures.

12 thoughts on “Why Google AdSense is not a good Monetization Method?”

  1. Well said, Vishwajeet!

    I too feel a bit negative about placing adsense on my blog. The main reason is distraction, as you said.

    Also, ad codes definitely slow downs the site and the money you can earn is very low unless the niche has high PPC.

    Affiliates, eBooks, selling consultation/services are rocking monetization methods for sure.

    • Hello Mudassir,

      You are right. There are plenty of other ways you can monetize your blog and earn more than the AdSense. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. My experience is that I had no problem in getting Google Adsense approval. However, a negligible revenue is the result. I wonder some times how many months it will take for me to receive my first minimum ad revenue.
    I observe that as stated by you, the ads are rarely relevant to the topic of the post.
    Any way, my aim is not to make money out of my blogging. But collateral advantage is always welcome.
    Another drawback is insufficient technical knowledge on my part.
    Other options mentioned by you for earning revenue from blogging are of course very relevant. But I have not tried as yet.

  3. Hey VK,
    I have a Google Adsense account, and as a beginner, I also wanted to try Google Ads on my blog, but I realized that Adsense slowing down my blog and looks really unprofessional.
    So, I decided to try affiliate marketing. That is the best. So, I just wanna say, please take the Vishwajeet’s advice on this.
    Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

  4. Frankly speaking, in one angle I support your article as AdSense is not my monetization technique as well. But I don’t believe that it is not a good monetization technique. There are many bloggers who are generating millions from AdSense only. In fact, for every YouTuber, AdSense is the only way to make money.

    What I believe is that making money from AdSense is comparatively difficult. As one has to build a blog with high traffic from high CPC countries. And that’s not at all an easy task.

    Compared to AdSense affiliate marketing doesn’t need a high traffic website and it is not tried by many people. That’s the reason comparatively affiliate marketing with a new product is easy. At the same time, if you want to sell a popular product which is highly competitive, then it’s a real challenge as well.

    Anyway, I truly appreciate that you have shared your experience and thoughts honestly and that matters a lot. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Santanu,

      Indeed AdSense works great on some niches and I have mentioned some of them in this post. YouTube is a completely different way of monetization channel. AdSense works perfectly on it. Apparently, if you see in a broader context making money from AdSense is quite difficult if you don’t have good traffic. Their strict policy is sometimes creating confusing among publishers. Affiliate Marketing is something that works on almost every niches. All you have to make some tweak and use proper strategies to generate sales and conversions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I really appreciate that.


  5. The problem with Adsense for me is that people are becoming more and more ad-blind, and to have any kind of decent income you need to have more and more traffitc.
    Of course, more traffic is always a good thing, but you don’t want to chase big numbers so you can earn pennies, like you said Vishwajeet.
    Great reasoning on why Adsense sucks for blogs.

    • Hello Nikola,

      You are right Ad blindness is a big issue for content sites. This is a big reason that publishers make a penny. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. Hey Vishwajeet Kumar,

    Great post with great information. its true that adsense is having no control on ads and it shows irrelevant ads. It slow down the site speed. Making money from adsense is difficult, until and unless the niche of blog get high ppc. By the way there are several other ways to monetize the blog and to earn more than adsense. Thanks for letting us know about these things, knowing these things are important for adsense user.

    Really helpful post for adsense users and thanks for sharing.

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