1 Key Concept to Keep in Mind Before Creating Courses and eBooks

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I received messages the past few days shouting out my courses and eBooks.

I appreciate the love.

Funny thing, too; I have not created a course or eBook in years. Almost everything course and eBook wise, I published before 2017. Why do people still love the courses today, in 2017? I kept one core concept in mind before creating anything online.

1 Key Concept to Keep in Mind Before Creating Courses and eBooks

I ensure virtually every course or eBook I create is largely evergreen. Why? Why not? I can sell virtually anything I offer going forward, as long as I blog, because most if not all of the course and eBook content is timely, current and evergreen. Minus a few strategies or dead sites mentions – like G Plus – I can sell with confidence because I rarely if ever create topical content. I do not chase trends. Nor do I drill down details on social networks that change algorithms and policies like I change time zones.


I do not create courses on Google; I would need to create and publish courses every 6 months to keep up with Google changes.

But sticking to blogging fundamentals, you better believe I keep things evergreen so:

  • the content remains accurate
  • the content remains helpful
  • I do not need to edit and re-publish eBooks and courses
  • the content does not become irrelevant

One aspect to maximizing your blogging profits goes ignored by most bloggers; create passive income streams that never go away for the remainder of your online career. My 2 courses will be timely, accurate and helpful as long as I blog because I base each on simple, timeless, evergreen fundamentals. Ditto for most of my eBooks. I go heavy on simple, fundamental, evergreen principles applicable to humans now, 10 years from now or 100 years from now. So I can focus my sole attention and energy on promoting my courses and eBooks for now until, forever, because the courses are as helpful today as the courses were helpful in 2016.

My eBooks today are as helpful as my eBooks were in 2014. I kept things evergreen. A rocking new blogger just commented how she buys my eBooks and enjoys my content, she being a new blogger for about 3 months now.

Blogging From Paradise courses, eBooks, audio books and paperbacks are as helpful today as each was helpful in 2014, 2015 or 2016, or even 2017. 5 years pass and someone can purchase, enjoy the content, put the content into action and see blogging success because I focused on timeless fundamentals versus chasing fads, stalking headlines or going with topical, ever-changing titles that become useless with the next news cycle or fad.

Check out my eBook: How to Develop Blogging Posture

Peep the chapters:


1: Turn Down *Poor* Matches

2: Suck Posturing Juice from Pros

3: Power Up Your Self Image

4: Grow Blogging Balls

5: Eliminate Blogging Jellyfish from Your Life

6: Create Like a Blogging Machine

7: Bond with Blogging Leaders

8: Believe in Abundance

Timeless, evergreen content greets your eyes. Anybody who bought it on its publish date of September 14, 2015 gets the same exact value out of it today on September 26, 2019. 5 years and 2 weeks have passed, yet it remains as valuable, helpful and timely as ever because I focus heavily on creating evergreen content that helps people forever and sells forever.

If you need some blogging posture, buy the read.

If you need to create a course or eBook, create evergreen content that helps and sells forever.

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by Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph inspires you with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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